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This character is the result of a private storyline/private game that goes back four years, and he is most definitely not canon. Set in the year 1976, Voldemort is on the rise and gaining followers wherever he goes. Whether Todd is the DE that Rowling has mentioned in her books, still remains to be seen. (But most likely won't happen in this storyline we've got going on. But in another game? Who knows?) Todd's grandfather moved to the United States in the 1920's to set up a farm which he gave up on during the Dust Bowl to join a traveling carnival. Eventually, Todd Yaxley is born as the fourth child in the family. He couldn't care less about what happens in Wizarding Britain, because he has his own problems to deal with; a dead mother, sister and brother, a dying father, an older brother newly returned from the war in Vietnam, and to top it all off - the carnival he travels with for isn't as successful as it used to be. As his family around him is dropping like flies, he becomes aware of the situation in Britain, but decides to keep his chin up and to keep on going.

          01 Steve Earle - "Copperhead Road"
          Well my name's John Lee Pettimore, same as my daddy and his daddy before
          You hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here, he only came to town about twice a year.

          02 Steve Earle - "Somewhere out there"
          If you're sad or if you're lonely, if you’re scared, if you're only tired of fightin', seekin' shelter
          Just hold on I'm somewhere out there

          03 Steve Earle - "Here I am"
          Here I am on my way down another road I've have paved, with every good intention I've saved and hearts that I broke
          As for me I got scars for every mile I've traveled so far and some blood on my hands, here I am

          04 Steve Earle - "fearless heart"
          I got me a fearless heart, strong enough to get you through the scary part
          It's been broken many times before, a fearless heart just comes back for more

          05 Steve Earle - "I feel alright"
          I was born my papa's son, a wanderin' eye and a smokin' gun. Now some of you would live through me.
          Lock me up and throw away the key or just find a place to hide away, hope that I'll just go away

          06 Steve Earle - "Angry Young Man"
          Got a lot of memories tied up in this place, so much time spent in so little space. What looked like the world through the eyes of a child
          Kind of closes in on you after awhile, it's a place to grow up and a place to grow old, you keep your mouth shut and you do what you're told

          07 Steve Earle - "The rain came down"
          Now my grandaddy died in the room he was born in twenty-three summers ago
          But I could have sworn he was beside me this morning

          08 Anthony Stewart Head - "Standing"
          Your path's unbeaten and it's all uphill and you can meet it, but you never will
          And I'm the reason that you're standing still

          09 Lizz Wright - "Song for Mia"
          And what you think of me, I can't say. I'll take these bad dreams and I'll drove along the way
          I'm at the shore now, the shadows at my back, I can feel the waves coming there, heavy and black.

          10 Steve Earle - "My old friend the blues"
          Another lonely night, a nameless town. If sleep don't take me first, you'll come around
          'Cause I know I can always count on you, my old friend the blues

          11 U2- "where the streets have no name"
          I wanna run I want to hide I wanna tear down the walls that hold me inside
          I wanna reach out and touch the flame, where the streets have no name

          12 Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Something to sing about"
          Life’s a show, and we all play our parts, and when the music starts, we open up our hearts.
          Its alright if something’s come out wrong, we’ll sing a happy song, and you can sing along.

          13 The Temptations - "Papa was a rolling stone"
          It was the third of September. That day I'll always remember, yes I will.
          'Cause that was the day that my daddy died.

          14 Bill Withers - "Ain't no sunshine"
          ain't no sunshine when she's gone, it's not warm when she's away
          ain't no sunshine when she's gone and she's always gone too long any time she goes away

          15 Dave Davies - "Death of a clown"
          My makeup is dry and it clags on my chin I'm drowning my sorrows in whisky and gin
          The lion tamer's whip doesn't crack anymore the lions they won't fight and the tigers won't roar

          16 The Animals - "We've gotta get out of this place"
          Watch my daddy in bed and dying(?), watch his hair been turning gray
          He's been working and slaving his life away

          17 Blood, sweat and tears - "And when I die"
          I'm not scared of dying, and I don't really care. If it's peace you find in dying, well then let the time be near.
          If it's peace you find in dying, And if dying time is here, just bundle up my coffin 'cause it's cold way down there. I hear that its cold way down there. Yeah, crazy cold way down there.

          18 Ani DiFranco - "Freakshow"
          Life in the circus it ain't easy but the people on the outside don't know
          The tent goes up and the tent comes down and all that they see is the show.

Please comment if taking. If you want an individual song, please leave behind a comment and I'll upload it for you ASAP. If you want the links to the larger graphics (same size as covers just up here), again, ask for them. It's no problem at all.

!!DOWNLOAD!! (76.94 MB, no cover art.)
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