September 15th, 2009

Sandra Bullock

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Not quite got accepted to the game yet, but got pointers to what I should change for the sake of game continuity and clarification issues. If I fix these and send in the results to the mods, I probably should be good to go. I think I've gotten them all. I should reread to be absolutely certain.

However, because I oh so subtly inserted a link to a video, I've managed to convert yet another person to the wonders of Notre Dame de Paris, the musical (French edition). In the end, the mod and me talked quite a bit about this and almost forgot to talk about further clarifications on what needed to fixed. Hah!

All in all, it isn't much. Small things here and there, that I only noticed after I'd sent it in and already wanted to fix. So let's hope that the second time's the charm!

I'm not too sure what happened (or how, for that matter, but Tristan seems to have cut his head on a clothing hanger during gym class. When my sis and dad came to pick him up, he was already doing his usual acrobatics - so all in all, it didn't seem too bad. Home doctor said stitches, Tristan raised hell and went to the ER, where they said stitches weren't necessary. So yeah, that turned out not too bad and the kid has yet another 'battle scar'. Actually, I'm just rather amused. Tristan is such a klutz that he should have been one of the cursed Rosiers that Ali used to play.

Cleo's really latching on to me for some reason, and is totally ignoring my mom. And at the same time, Stella's doing the same thing. Oy.
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