September 9th, 2009

Sandra Bullock

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Cleo is on antibiotics right now, and we're to minimize all contact between both cats until we're one, certain that Cleo's virus has run it's course (which it should, with the antibiotics and ear drops she was prescribed) and two) that Stella hasn't gotten the virus in return. Hopefully, that won't be the case and we can bring her in for a vaccination in about two weeks. (Dat zou dus de niesziekte zijn, voor de Nederlandstaligen op mijn f-list.)

Now, I'm not so worried about bringing Stella in, regardless of whether she turns out to be infected or not. I'm more thinking of my poor arms and hands, which will be scratched up by the time the vet visit is over. She can be one hell of a feisty bitch. Dad joked that 'after ten minutes, someone's going to have to call the hospital for the vet! The place will look like a slaughterhouse!' We'll see, we'll see.

Vet remembered my mom from several other occasions, such as from the time that we had to bring our Husky in for a examination, and the poor dear lost his hair on top of the table out of pure dread. Gypsy who came in for an ear infection, and Boris, the last male cat I had, who was mauled by a dog. He had a broken jaw and I recall he was unable to smell things. Mom's care pulled him through and he still compliments her for that. Unfortunately, he never came back home one day, although I think he lives in a flat here in the street. There was the time when Polar lost a fight with a cat and ended up with one of the cat's claws still stuck in his ear. (Piercing, anyone?) The cat, you ask? He was fine.

As for Cleo, it is possible that she was abandoned because of this illness. It's such a sweet little thing. Very, very clingy. Loves the sun. (Stella likes the dark? Is that even normal cat behavior?) And she watches TV. She's starting to eat, despite the fact that her throat hurts. (Also the reason why she isn't able to 'talk', although we heard her when she got her antibiotics shot.)

So, in the end, I was able to wrangle my mom so that she went to the vet, my research turned out to be correct and we did a good thing.

Got Tristan tomorrow. Meh. Photoshop isn't behaving much, either. Come on, you stupid thing, I need to make icons for my character. I stayed on a bit longer than usual in the hopes of catching [info - personal] alibi online, but I think I'll have to wait a day or two. *hugs* Feel better, Ali.

And I am soooo tired. Basically did nothing but run from store to store all day, to purchase stuff dad was too shy to get, or always forgot. (Keys. Just new keys. Dad doesn't like to talk. And paté for Cleo. He forgets.)
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