August 8th, 2009

Sandra Bullock

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I went shopping with my sister (Read : I followed her around and helped out with the kid.) and bought this on sale. €10! 10 discs! All in all, I think this is a fantastic beginners collection, as well as the other titles in the series. I couldn't pass it up, ya know? If anyone wants me to share this, just give the word.

Will be uploading Victoria Spivey as soon as ... well, as soon as this house is quiet.

Okay okay I went back and got the Chet Baker one as well. Couldn't pass it up! But how do you decide between Parker and Coltrane? That's easy. You don't, and leave it for another day.

I'm a happy camper now, despite a mishap with my food at noon. But now that I had my croque monsieur for dinner (again, the bloody machine broke down, what is it with me and food today? But pans are a lifesaver.) I am so ready to just fall asleep.
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    Billie Holiday - pennies from heaven