August 1st, 2009

Sandra Bullock

(no subject)

My poor feet. They were so happy at first, and now they're crying out. Long story short, I finally bought new shoes. Black loafers with one heck of a heel and a spin on ballerina shoes. My heels are blistered. Ow ow ow. Oh, it'll get better, I know that. It's tough being a 39 and a half. But I will have to wear them, because I say so. A bit like these, although the heel's much more square and taller. My feet look tiiiiny.

As soon as I can work LJ-Sec, I'm making most of my entries on DW friends only. CDJ, you know? My new game is a blast and it's been years since I was even in a chat. It was great. :D But I need a nap.