July 19th, 2009

Sandra Bullock


I don't think I'm very awake right now. It's taking me a while to find the correct English words and all I really, really really WANT TO WRITE DOWN SO BAD IS 'WOOOHOOOO DUN DUN DUN DER DER BLROOOOOOO'. Don't ask. I don't know where that came from.

Watched Grey's Anatomy after snapping up the S1 boxset for cheap. Not bad. George O'Malley is like a ... he could be Robert Downey Jr's kid or something like that. I think it's the eyes? I couldn't stop noticing whatever it was after the second episode. Hoooowever, I don't think I'm going to start to follow this show. It's good. But it's no ER. Nothing will ever triumph that show.


I bought five movies (one of which I actually downloaded before to check it out, so yay, seeee, I'm buying the stuff I like) for a fiver. I have nooooo idea what, though. Movies. It doesn't require all that much thought for me right now. Just that it's movies that actually all look rather boring.

I'm sorry if I seemed really down today. Went for a looooong walk. Always helps. Feeling better now. Just not feeling particularly uh, wordy. At least my hair's shiny? BEDTIME NOW THOUGH. If the stomach will behave for once.
Sandra Bullock

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This morning, long story short, I cried and was quiet and thoughtful enough for my mom to actually worry about me. Wednesday, we'll be going to Ghent to a little fleamarket and to check out the shops, and there is a big chance we'll be going to several jazz performances in August. Just to have fun. If the men won't bring us to the fun, then we'll just go on our freakin' own, ya know? Looking forward to it. :D

Just spent one hour watching Serenity with mom and the cat. She thinks Nathan Fillion is hot and for once, didn't crack any sarcastic 'men are useless' remarks. Wow. Mom must be in a good mood. Either way, she didn't do that bad for a woman who planned on being a nun. And actually, in that light, it's a miracle that I didn't grow up in a strict Catholic household, is it? But I really need to find a French dubbed version of Firefly so that my mom knows what the fuck is going onnnnnnnnnn. I only have the UK import.

Finally found a new PB for Samir. The man fits the bill. And now I'm going to play Sushi Chef until it drives me nuts and I have to close the damn thing because I want to throw my computer through the window.