July 3rd, 2009

Sandra Bullock

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There I go. Laptop hard drives have been cleaned out (I deleted 55 gig worth of stuff, don't ask,I still don't know where it all came from.), external HDs are turned off and I'm still melting. Stiiiiiill, I miiiight start to look around for a new laptop. Not too pleased about Acer in general, and this thing is getting old.

But on the other hand, I need to consider why I would need a new one. I am a greedy bitch. I kicked myself for days when I spent €25 on a toy for Tristan, and am still kicking myself for having bought a paid account on DW. Hence, I'm going start to look around for prices. The real question is, if I buy, whether to buy Vista or that new Windows version. Ugh. And I don't want to buy on credit, either. I've seen the troubles it gets my sister in, and no thanks.

My neck is slowly getting better, so I think it was stress after all. And tempers are running hot everywhere. For example, dad bitched mom out this morning because the cold water, well wasn't cold. What was up with that? It's the heat. We are a country of rain and wind. This kind of shit? We're not used to.

Off to watch one more episode of Numb3rs before heading to bed and trying to sleep in this smoldering heat.
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Sandra Bullock

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Currently trying to paint my own vision of Stella Mayfair in photoshop, with a mouse. I don't wannaaaaa plug in mah tablet because I'm afraid to use it. But I need it for mah details.

I can name a hundred things that are wrong with this. The left side of the face, to start with and the eyes. Not sure if you can see the arm from this position and so on and on. But I'm only a few hours in and this is really still in it's sketchy stages. The white was originally to mask off the excess of hair, but I ended up liking it, so I continued. I am a messy painter, an I have a messy technique, so I'm glad that I can give digital a try. As long as Photoshop continues to behave.

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My sister is determined to find Alien for as cheaply as I found it. Is this yet another case of sibling jealousy? Oh God, I hope not. And I just yelled 'STOP!' at a fly. Yeah right, like that'll help.