June 25th, 2009

Sandra Bullock

Ode to insomnia and bad writing

Dear body of mine,

Obviously I'm more than just a 'little bit' brain dead at the moment, and my bed looks very attractive. I've even fluffed up my pillows! And regardless of the fact that the sun is coming up, and that it is six AM, I would love to get some sleep. If this is some subconscious sign that I need to stay up and troll Livejournal while waiting for something to happen, then it better be really worth it, because reading weepingcock and coming across the line Frig me you dirty dirty pool rat! is really fucking horrifying.

Thank you.
Sandra Bullock

(no subject)

*facepams* It's nine AM already?

No, I didn't get any sleep, apart from a two hour nap earlier this evening. Seen the circumstances, I'm really fucking glad that I had it. I should go get my breakfast now, with a cup of coffee if I plan to go through this day without taking a nap.

I'm really this close to calling out the stereotypical 'mommy' thing that distressed people always do in movies. What the fuck is going on that I am wide awake right now? I usually am like this for a reason.

And daaad please stop dry humping the goddamn carpet? You freak me out big time, dude.
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Sandra Bullock

(no subject)

I managed to get some sleep, although I could do with a few more hours on top of it. Five? I think I slept for a little less than five hours before waking up in a panic about dinner time. Hey, at least I'm always bright and early, since I had one more hour to go.

Finally found Discovery Channel on my TV and spent a little time watching LA Ink after dinner. Mom isn't too hot on tattoos, but even she had to admit that the portraits that this one guy can do, are really, really good. Kat Von D however, is overrated. Hot, unique, but not that good an artist. I think I expected more, seen that she has a show?

But the weather here is absolutely INSANE these days. I can't remember it ever being this hot for June? I'd be fine with the weather if only it wasn't so heavy. I'm fine with humid hot, I'm fine with windy hot, but I'm not fine with heavy heavy hot. And before you ask? AC isn't generally not utilized in homes here.

But my laptop could use a cooling pad. *facepalm* Piece of shit.

And I'm still in PJs and cursing IJ for moving servers at the worst possible time. Hey eejits, I did plan to play this weekend.