June 24th, 2009

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There, I feel reasonably accomplished now. Got myself a premium paid account for six months on Dreamwidth. Add to that one more important expense, and my money's all tapped out. That makes me twitch slightly. I've got one thing on etsy that I've got my eye on (a perfume oil that should make me feel very Ricean. I'm such a sucker for NOLA and Caribbean based scents.) but suddenly I'm not so eager to get my hands on it anymore. I think I'll sleep it over and look at the listing again.

Generally I'm just relaxing now and saving the icon uploading to this journal for tomorrow, so that I'll have something to do. Listening and watching the Notre Dame de Paris soundtrack (with which I need to be careful, because it wakes up Nadya big time) and playing Scrabble. I suck at it. :p
Sandra Bullock


I'm currently in talks for a new PSL! So far, it looks and sounds good. Two vampire brothers who fall for the same mortal girl. Drama and unresolved sexual tension is oh most definitely guaranteed. And she's a fantastic writer. I really do hope that this one comes through and that I can do it justice.

And I can't figure out the friending system on DW, but I will, dammit!
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Moodtheme, Whedon-verse rambles

I think I managed to install a custom moodtheme. I had to go with Spike this time, because well, frankly said, I've always had a crush on him. When I first saw him in School Hard, I suddenly knew Buffy was worth watching. And I ended up not minding the Spuffy so much. I still ignore it whenever I can, but I can at least watch those episodes without cringing as much as I thought I was going to. It somehow ... is just right.

Joss Whedon has a knack for creating iconic characters, doesn't he? Not too crazy about Dollhouse in that prospect. Something is clearly missing there. Where we fell in love with Xander and Willow at almost first sight, and the same happened with the Angel and Firefly crew, Dollhouse just doesn't have that oomph. See Fox? This is what happens when you tell Joss that he 'ain't doing it right'. Hopefully the second season of Dollhouse will be more memorable,since we were told that it will be more like the last episodes of season one, which were AWESOME AND SO MUCH MORE WHEDONESQUE THAN ALL OF THE OTHERS. But has anyone here felt that all of this in Dollhouse was a prelude to what eventually will happen to River Tam? Just a random thought that I am throwing out there.

And perhaps Nadya slash Nathan acts like Spike, but maybe Spike just happens to behave a lot like Nadya? There's only so many ways you can go with a PB that is so clearly manic depressed, disturbed and so freaking hot. The PB has a big hand in your character development, because sooner or later, you're going to match your character to fit his icons. Hence why I only picked crazy slash charming slash sexual slash crazy icons for Nathan. I'll admit it though, I'm curious as of what would happen if Nathan and Spike would meet eye to eye. Probably wipe out half a neighborhood before settling down for a drink.

I've got about fifty-one icons uploaded here on Dreamwidth, which leaves me with another daunting 149 empty slot to fill in. Oy. I think I should go and find some Anya icons. I'll be hard pressed not to use her as an NPC, in the long run. I mean, I've been behaving for so long now, when it comes to not bringing her into the game. How can you not love a woman who fears BUNNIES? Freakin' awesome. I feel a weekend Buffy marathon coming on. *hugs boxset and TV set in mom's room* No Firefly. I'll just wibble and ponder the show's untimely demise.

And my Filch kids are being slippery and are wanting to 'come back home to dad'. Ugh boys, I love you, but please stay put. Maybe I'll put you back later when everything has been settled and sorted out. I did put Tony back in my NPC journal. He just won't be around much, which seems suitable and okay slash right. I think.

I need to cap two Dorff movies soon. Just didn't have the chance to nab my mother's computer yet. And see, it's for an awesome deal. I cap these movies for [info - insanejournal.com]seethesoldiers? And I get pretty Dorff (and hopefully Hudson Leick) icons in return. To be very honest, I don't think I will be iconing stuff for myself and others any longer. I can just ask others to do so for me, nicely. :D. It saves me a looooot of frustration, because my Photoshop doesn't always play nice. (Crashing on me when I'm three icons into a set? NOT motivating.)

Sometime this week, or the next? I am completely cutting down on my nicotine and caffeine intake, which will result in a disgruntled, tired Steph. Consider this your one time warning. And strawberry flavored water is just yuck. I don't see how my nephew can drink this crap.
Sandra Bullock


I forgot how difficult it was to produce 200 icons out of 'thin air'. I've been at this all day now and I've only managed to fill 98 slots. Maybe I'm too picky about the quality of the icons? But finally pulled through and added six more months of time to my paid account on DW. I really do need to stop with all the perfumes for a while.

But then I remember that the sales are almost there and then I get all wibbly. I figure that buying a perfume or two won't do too much harm, right? Oh bloody God, I'm hopeless.

Currently wearing Diesel Green feminine that comes in a bottle that is absolutely hilarious. The scent isn't too bad, either. Very outdoorsy, with a bit of masculinity thrown in. I think that it's the clove and the cedar's doing. It makes me want to stomp around in my finest dress, but with combat boots on. It's a fun scent, but not for everyone.
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