March 13th, 2009

Sandra Bullock

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I'm seriously thinking about just buying the rest of perfumes I want online. Cheaper by faaaaaaar. (Or maybe I just walked into a fucking expensive store? Oy.) But I did end up buying a perfume for my sister. I hate it on myself and I don't like the 'chemical vanilla infused with bitter tobacco' smell (seriously, smell a Pall Mall cigarette and tell me it doesn't smell like that), but I can imagine it smelling fucking fantastic on my sister. It's 'Angel'.

Euphoria by Kalvin Klein, Rive Gauche, Paris (by YVS) and Kingdom by Alexander McQueen are the next on my list to purchase, although I can see myself taking a year at least to buy them all.

Why perfumes, all of a sudden, huh?

They make me feel gooood.