January 24th, 2009

Sandra Bullock

Music post

Nothing much to say about any of these, except to listen. These are a couple of the songs that have touched me over the past days, months and even years.

Theresa Andersson and Grayson Capps - A Love song for Bobby Long OST.
Lorraine's song
Yesterday I had a dream I could fly through the sky
Then I woke up in a sweat, not dead yet but on the ground.
I'm up in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Looking for the wind in me
Lord fly me over Pontchartrain
back to the land of sugarcane and summer-rain

Never more shall we part
Never more shall we part

Trespassers William? - A Love song for Bobby Long OST.
Different stars
So you'd sing a lullaby to get me to sleep
So it's no surprise my eyes are never heavy
For I've not seen you in the flesh for so long
That I'm not sure we would know each other at all

Lizz Wright - The Orchard
Song for Mia
I went down to the water , all night long
I'm putting my feet in ,all night long
And I went down to the water , all night long
And I'm putting my dreams in , all night long

And what you think of me ,I can't say
I'll take these bad dreams and I'll drove along the way
I'm at the shore now , the shadows at my back
I can feel the waves coming there , heavy and black

And this, but I don't have the mp3 as of yet. I'm lovin' the old school feeling Alicia Keys put in this song.

I've got a lot more to share, as soon as they all finish downloading. (+70 albums, but hush.)