October 8th, 2008

Sandra Bullock

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I AM AN ENABLER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Add to that crazy paranoid stalkerish selfish bitch and you've got me pegged down to the dot.

Yes, I'm having another caffeine rush. You get used to it. Hehe!
Sandra Bullock

(no subject)

- Independent store owners are going broke in this town.
- My nephew is fucking spoiled and no, from me he isn't going to get everything he wants no matter how much he stomps and kicks me. You get nada, kiddo until you.learn.to.behave. Terrorizing my cat and dog? Definitely not cool.
- Another character concept popped up, and I'm poking him carefully. A moody bastard, that's what you are, Tony or Void (Three or four, like hell I know at this point). Maybe I can work something out with Liz? Maybe I shouldn't listen to Nick Drake while writing him up?
- Everything's too expensive these days, tyvm. My uncle still has smokes in his cupboard where the price tag is 50 BEF! Like 2 DOLLARS!
- It's actually nice and breezy today, like on a cool summer's night. Seriously, I think we can skip autumn altogether and just go from summer to winter. Fuck autumn and spring, who needs them?
- Bruce Springsteen's music is really dreary and monotonous, now that I listen to his songs. No wonder I like Bon Jovi better.
- My comp rebooted on me, and in the process of doing so, I think I might have pissed someone off on AIM. Oy.
- I'm tired again, and after a bath, will take a nap. My brain will short circuit if I try to think about complicated matters right now, such as character concepts.
- Liz owes me a tag, but as I said, too tired to think right now. Four hours of sleep? Not cool and I'm not about to scare the hell out of people with my caffeine haze, like I did last night. Oy, what got into me?