October 2nd, 2008

Sandra Bullock

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Disappointed in the new episode of Fringe; this is one show I can't fully judge without seeing the whole picture, but this episode was sloppily executed, felt rushed and incomplete; the end doesn't leave you hanging and wondering for more, which is an utterly failure when it comes to shows like these. For the first time I was also utterly annoyed with all of the characters; in the X-Files, we learned more about Agent Mulder in the pilot episode, than we would over the course of two seasons. (Honestly, that's also when I stopped watching. Conflicting TV schedules and hell, I was just a kid back then. I had my bedtime, ty.)

I expected more, and wasn't even served. They better follow up this failure with one that makes my mouth fall open in astonishment, or else I'm going to stop watching this one, for real.

The lovely wickedtruth has gifted me with one year's worth of a paid account. *flails happily* I didn't believe the mail until I checked out my userinfo. One year! Makes me wonder what I did to deserve this, because even if I had a shitty day or not, not everyone would do this for another person. Thank you again, m'dear. For the next few days, I shall try to keep my fabulous enabler powers to a minimum.

Question of the moment: should I resurrect my kick-ass, gun totin', supernatural slaying priest, or leave him be in peace?

Now I must find icons to fill up my 25 free icon slots; one for every fandom or kink, y/n?
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The enabler was enabled.

Are you happy now? I was enabled by my (temporary, half Polish) girl crush, who told me that if I wanted to study Irish Gaelic, I should just go for it, no holds barred, no questions asked. And I suppose that I should do just that as soon as I have the funds to buy a lesson plan/course. And somewhere along the way, I automatically transferred that motion to any language I've ever wanted to learn, which just makes me dizzy with giddiness.

I like a Guinness now and then, and I do like the music, but to go as far as to claim that I have been Irish in a former life? Mer, that's touching one of my pet peeves. I'm extremely accepting of people who believe in past lives, and I believe in such myself, but I'm afraid that I was never an angel in any of my former reincarnations, nor was I involved in any heroic or grand, dramatic, historical events. People who claim that they've been aboard the Titanic or were Joan of Arc are thirteen in a dozen.

But what strength I feel in the Irish, I also sense in my own family and their traditions. I've attended a true Walloon birthday party, complete with old drinking songs sung in the Walloon language and other rituals that I, for the life of me, cannot remember. But it gave me a sense of completion, even if I was very drunk on wine and beer. While I looked around on the Walloon language wiki (oh, how I squeed when I found this site!), I did find one of the songs sung during that party.

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I'm going to continue to relax and do nothing in preparation for tomorrow; though I should be getting dressed soon and finish this ficlet for Foalan. As soon as I've managed to write this ficlet, my brain can rest easy.

And considering that I now have a whole year's worth of a paid account (*squees* directed to wickedtruth here! Animated SPN mood theme ftw!) on LJ, the decision to make this my prime journal isn't such a far fetched one. After all, all the people I love, are on my f-list here already. This also means that I will back up my ficlets here under f-lock, under varying tags.

But a rvey, people. Au revoir, I have a ficlet waiting for me.
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Sandra Bullock

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My mother bought me a slice of cheesecake for dessert today, which made me squee like my parents have never witnessed before. Glad to know that my mother sometimes does pay attention to what I like; it makes me feel less invisible. CHEESECAKE!

Also, the net in general, please post the subtitles for the latest Bones episode; I have the ep, I watched it, but couldn't understand shit. Thus, subtitles would be appreciated. Emo!apprentice looks hilarious, and I wish to know all of the details!

I also can't stop staring at my new mood theme.
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