July 14th, 2008

Sandra Bullock

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It's so rewarding to finally find a song that fits your character. I'm going to grab a snack and see if I can finish Ben's drabble before dawn breaks.
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    Patrick Wolf-'Tristan'
Sandra Bullock

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Well maybe it wasn't worth waking up today. Not according to my back. But I got new curtains, a new bedspread, and a small carpet, all the while I was asleep.

I know why I can't sleep. New muses and old muses alike are bothering me. I wonder if there's something in retrograde this week, or if the full moon's out there.

So far ebeda and I (mostly her) have found a small selection of songs that should be a P:tC soundtrack/playlist, depending on what Refinement your pup is following. For example, if your pup is following Aurum, this won't work. This is more directed toward Stannum, Ferrum and Centimani, the 'angry' refinements.

1) Patrick Wolf - Tristan
Forever young, I come from God knows where
'Cos now I’m here, without a hope or care
I am trouble and I am troubled too

2) Raphael - Cela Nous Aurait Suffi
On n'avait pas appris à marcher
que déjà on tombait
on n'avait pas appris l'enfance
que déjà on grandissait
on n'avait pas appris le rire
que déjà on pleurait
on n'avait pas appris à croire
que déjà on doutait

3) :wumpscut: - Wreath of Barbs
holy burning hand of wrath
piercing forever through the heart
and this flaming orbit of shame
ravages and splits the path

grinding binding taking away
needles above the prey
wreath of barbs

4) Jeff Buckley - Demon John
Well, now stoned Demon John
There’s no town the boy cannot belong
Why did you come here?
Is it to excavate all your sins?
Boil within?
Slaughter like the daughter of the devil you send me
I have to deal, you called me here

5) Tom Waits - Walk Away
There are things I've done I can't erase
I want to look in the mirror see another face
I said, "never", but I'm doing it again
I wanna walk away, start over again

No more rain, no more roses
On my way, shake my thirst in a cool cool pond

6) Covenant - Flux

no heaven will embrace you
no harbor keeps you safe
your comrades will desert you
no tower reaches heaven
no fortress stands to last
your desires makes you weak
no science will be mastered
no truth is absolute

7) Rotersand - exterminate, anihilate, destroy

give me your faith, something I can believe in
and you'll be my family, my brother, my friend
tell me a truth that I find not deceiving
teach me a lesson that I understand

build me a shelter, a place I can dwell in
show me a future that I can enjoy
give me a reason and I'll be your fellow
show me the target I have to destroy

8) VNV Nation - Illusion

A part of your soul
Ties you to the next world
Or maybe to the last
But I'm still not sure
But what I do know
Is to us the world is different
As we are to the world
I guess you would know that

10) Assemblage 23 - Awake (Imperative Reaction Mix)

I am lost
The footprints that I left have disappeared
For now I am driving blind

Without a destination to welcome me
This road is just an endless loop

Every time I close my eyes
The noise inside me amplifies
I can't escape
I relive every moment of the day
Every misstep I have made
Finds a way it can invade
My every thought
And this is why I find myself awake

The letters on the signs have long since faded
The sky conspires to swallow me