July 13th, 2008

Sandra Bullock

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I think I'm more or less done with Benoni's application, although I'm a wee bit peeved off at the fact that I can't download Magnus Opus. (It always says 'server busy is unavailable' or something similar. I'm hoping to catch someone online on AIM soon enough so that I can get my greedy hands on it.)

Also, I'm hoping that I didn't go too far with the character in question, but he just screamed 'killed redeemed' at me. I will look over it again in the morning to see if I still like the idea, but I'm pretty certain that I do.

This gives me a chance to play a multi-layered character, just how I like them.

And to those studying (or will) V:tM; you will see that the Tammuz can be compared to the Brujah in many ways; and that the Harbringers essentially, are P:tC's version of V:tM's sabbat, as opposed to the Camarilla. Just little facts that made me go 'hmm, I see similarities here', which has made it undoubtedly easier for me to 'get into it'.

Just as how the Malkavians tend to leave their Childer uninstructed, and created Nosferatu are usually the result of revenge or jealousy acts (especially since the uglier a Nos is, the prettier he or she was in human life).

I'm really seeing little similarities all over the place here, which just makes me go *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*.
Sandra Bullock

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Oh boy. I think this hair dye job can be called a disaster.

I am not destined to be a carrot top.

Ignore the awkward camera poses, because I have short arms and cannot do the patented Myspace pose for the life of me.

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Downgrade or upgrade?
Sandra Bullock

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So, I try to get a cat nap, and my cap takes the liberty to poop on my newly painted floor. Yeah.

Guess who isn't sleeping in my room tonight?