July 12th, 2008

Sandra Bullock

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I am awake, and trying to make something of these caps ebeda sent me. Then, I'll finish setting up a journal, and finish up Ben's application.


Things to find out;

1) Do Prometheans feel pain, or is this just a step toward humanity?
2) Do they feed? Can they bleed and plenty of other bodily functions? See above.
3) Is the former body dead when the Promethean is created? I presume that this is indeed the case, but I only want to make certain that I've understood that tid-bit.
4) How much would a Promethean initially remember of their former life? And do regain more of these memories as they uh, age?

More to add as I think of them.

It also looks like that P:tC has their own version of Sabbat, and I'm not too surprised about. You always gotta have them rebels and outcasts somewhere, no? *goes to download the rest of the books*
Sandra Bullock

(no subject)

I'm only 74 pages into the P:tC corebook right now, but I have Benoni fleshed out in my mind. And I am so giddy and excited about it that I should be arrested. I can't wait to get started with the application, but common sense tells me to at least look at the other 215 pages first.

And I'm definitely contemplating on buying the hardcover book, even if that means I'll have to shell out +€30. I'm just getting cross-eyed looking at the PDF file, man. And you should see all the notes I've made, complete with markers and such. *stretches*

Ben's tokens will be typewriter keys. Ayup. The B's.

But my questions HAVE been answered. Yey for research!