July 7th, 2008

Sandra Bullock

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Or, in other words, how I do it.

1) If your PBs are taken from movies, watch other movies with this PB, and write AU fic. (Or play out scenes in the mirror, dress like your character, whatever.[When I'm playing a girly girl, I just HAVE to wear jewellery, or at least earrings, for example.]) Sometimes this way, you can come up with a completely different history for so-said character, and eventually, come up with an entirely different character. (Please keep in mind, that I do play in a multi-fandom AU game with the HP universe and V:tM as the definitive settings. It's not for everyone, but it is fun.)

2) Write up AU versions of your characters! Even if you will never use that character sheet, it.will.help. Maybe your do-goodie Huffle was a Slytherin and DE in another universe? Or your character had a different mother or father? Or maybe he or she was born one hundred years earlier, or later? Or is a vampire, or werewolf? Or maybe she or he is famous? Why is he or she famous? What if he or she was a SUPERHERO? What Marvel or DC superhero would fit with the traits of your character? Or what superpowers? And so on and on.

3) Write, write, write and write. One liners or drabbles are all good, fic length or novel length. Work with prompt tables and generators that makes your imagination run wild. Who knows, you'll find out something new about your character, and find that 'fire' again that you need to play him or her again.

Stop playing for an extended time (usually, three days does it for me), and focus on one character - you will see that most of the things above will eventually pop up in your thoughts. Don't be afraid to run with them in a fic or drabble! Lurk on pb_updates, use the friends button iconwatch and keep an eye on the PBs! Often, one of those icon sets will pop out and say 'hey, use me, use me, use me!' Run with that!

And that's how I doooo it. (Crossposted from IJ)
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