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Dansk Lagkage

This is Danish Lagkage. This is the tradtional (and normal) birthday cake in Denmark. There is fruit inside (usually tangerines, strawberrys), some sort of jam jelly type stuff, and the cake itself is similar to poundcake. Its good stuff. Danes think I'm nuts because I like to take pics of food but the differences in food still fascinate me.


So I'm walking down the street in Nørrebro today, which is a part of Copenhagen that is to say the least, "multicultural", and this big grinning Somalian negro whips out this pic, and hands it to me. I smiled back and with all my Kentucky charm said "dejlig billede!" (which more or less means nice or good picture) then we both continued on our way. I'm still trying to decipher this one. I wanted to hang it on the fridge but the wife wouldn't let me.

Another statue

 I just pushed a wrong button and lost a long post. I am fucking PISSED off right now to the point where I came close to deleting my livejournal account out. In the meantime here's another statue.

Another København Statue

A statue that commends the Greenlanders for their greatness or something along those lines. There is also a similar Greenlander tribute statue just a few feet to the side of this one. The great irony and humor of this is in the little square where these statues are, every day there is a large group of wretched looking Greenlander welfare drunks sitting around guzzling alcohol and carrying on. More often than not they are actually sitting directly on the benches below these statues.

Wall Street Bankers snacking on planet Earth

A rare instance of some intelligent grafitti around here. The text around the Lord Rothschild/J.D Rockefeller character thats snacking on planet Earth loosely translates to something to the effect of Wall Street is eating up/destroying the Earth. Of course I doubt that the artist understands that the same people created, funded, promoted and profited from his beloved Communism.