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Viking House

I thought this building looked cool. It reminded me of a big Viking ship or a dragon for obvious reasons. Even the shingles look like the scales on a dragon. I still love how the buildings and architecture look in Denmark.

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Tyr 2

I've been meaning to post a few pics from this for a few weeks. Yet another Tyr show! This one was at a Nordic Isles festival about a month ago. Most of the people there were from the Faroes and Iceland who weren't the usual metal types, although there also some Danish and German metal fans that made it to this show too. Lots of fun in a very casual atmosphere. 95% of the people there were drunk but there were no fights, no attitudes, no lame posers trying to out cool each other. When the band took a break they came out in the crowd and drank and talked to people like they were at home among friends. A great night of fun, Odinist metal and love for the true northern culture.

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Here are a few pics taken by my wife from a show Tyr did right down the street at Christiania recently. Tyr is a GREAT folkish Odinist/Asatru metal band from the Faroe Islands. The Faroes are a group of remote islands that are technically a part of Denmark but they have their own language and their own distinct culture and way of life. The Faroese language closely resembles old Norse. The lyrics of many of Tyrs songs are in Faroese.

Tyr on Myspace -Go here and watch the videos to Hail to the Hammer and Regin Smiur. I get chills every time I hear these songs. Real Odinic music! Hails and love to all Father Odin and the mighty Thor! Some of us will never forget! Our Gods are not dead! We are eternal!

Official Tyr Website

Go Here to see photos of the beautiful Faroe Islands

P.S- Check this out. 'Gandkvæði Tróndar' by Janus Djurhuus. Translated from Faroese its a call to the Gods and spirits of nature to destroy the churches and invasion of demonic Christian tyranny to the Faroes.

Gandkvæði Tróndar

Hevjið í homrum
harðmælta kvæðið,
villu valkyrjur,
vetrarins børn,
tit mínar frælsu,
froysandi hvirlur,
føddar av ódn.

Hastið í hernað
hamranmna døtur,
vekið til veldis
vilt glaðustrok;
gravið frá grunni
goysandi orrusturok.

Ramar eg risti
rúnir, ið rinda
ravni ræ.
Sanna skal Sigmundur,
Tróndur trøllsterkur kvað.

Verjast skal valhøll,
ið vølvur veittu
Miklum norðlanda monnum til mið.
Eydnast at inna
ei skal Signumdi
Eystlanda sið.

Fjallfríðu Føroyar,
ramasta rúnin,
ritað av gudum
um einstakra rætt!
Trygdareið Tróndur
hann treystligt at verja
svór síni ætt.

Hevjið í homrum
harðmælta kvæðið,
villu valkyrjur
veiti mær vørn.
Fram móti Sigmundi
skip hansar sorandi,
land honum forðandi,
fram móti kristni
kirkjurnar brótandi,
Tróndur til Tórs og til Óðins er blótandi,
høgt kvøður heiðin ørn.

J.H.O. Djurhuus (1881 - 1948)
Trond's Magical Chanting

Raise the roar
of rage from the rocks,
wild valkyries
from winter born,
fly my freeborn
furious whirlwinds,
born in the storm.

Ride in rage
daugthers of rocks,
wake up the wildest
waves of the sea,
raise from the sea-beds
raving madness and fear.

I carve ruthless
runes that reach
the ravens rape.
Sigmund shall suffer,
Trond the sorcerer sang.

Stand up for Valhall,
granted by gods,
to the great Norsemen as ultimate bait.
Sigmund shall never
succeed to impose
the East-landers faith.

Mountainous Faeroes
the ranciest runes
written by gods
about human rights!
Oath of allegience
Trond made in truth
for all in his sight

Raise the roaring
rage from the rocks,
wild valkyries
protect my rights.
Storm agains Sigmund,
ship wreck his vessels,
keep him from land.
Storm Christianity,
churches and vanity,
Trond prays for Thor's and Odin's insanity,
the heathen eagle fares high.

Roughly translated by Anker Eli Petersen

Mans Best Friend

These pics are from a room in National Museum where the walls are covered with huge tapestries depicting scenes of people showing affection towards or hunting with their hounds. Since ancient times they have been our loving, loyal friends, companions, hunting partners and protectors. From helping you feed yourself by tracking game on the hunt, to warning you of possible intruders with their bark, a good dog will not think twice about laying down their own life to protect you. Even showing affection, being there with you or making you laugh when you are feeling sad or lonely.  The dog is the most amazing and complimentary animal to man, not to mention being the truest, most trusted friends we could ever hope to have.

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Just where you least expect it

I found this Othala rune randomly stuck in the ground while walking around my neighborhood recently. Its made out of some sort of stone. Whether somebody stuck it there on purpose knowing what it was or its there by random chance of nature I don't think its an accident. 

Check out this sunwheel I found on, of all places, a church door!!!

I go inside and find this totally Pagan looking scene on the walls inside. See no matter how they try they can't kill it. They can't kill our culture, our spirit, our Gods.

The Real St. George

The following are pics that I took at the National Museum in Copenhagen. This is a depiction of St. George. Forget about the "Saint" and the Christian connectations that St. George conjure up. The legend of St. George has Heathen roots. Check this link to read up on it.


Also go to this prior post to see more pics from National Museum that I took. I have a whole archive. There are links to all of the other posts from NM at the end of this link.

The Gundestrup Cauldron and the Heathen Holy Grail

Here's some pics of the Gundestrup cauldron that I took at the National Museum a few months back. It was found in dried bog in Denmark in 1891. The cauldron itself dates back to the first or second century BCE. Although some academic eggheads have differing viewpoints, to state the obvious it is Celtic in Origin. Most also believe the cauldron itself, and the depositing of it in the bog was religious in nature. These pics do not do the Gundestrup cauldron justice in comparison to seeing it in person, both in the craftmanship, and the feeling and aura that it emits.  

Click below for more pics and commentary.
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Spring, Beltaine, Fjords, Hound Dogs

Within a week the weather here has went from miserably cold to being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt when you go outside during the day. It was a long, cold winter here. I said I wanted to experience a real Scandinavian winter and boy did I ever get one.

I recently celebrated Beltaine. Beltaine was a holiday/day of religious observance for Celtic Heathens. There were also similar days of observations and customs around this time of year in other Aryan cultures. People mainly think of Beltaine as having to with fertility and dormant things rejuvenating in nature. I also think people should think of it not just in this sense but also pertaining to things within themselves that have been asleep, dead and stagnant. Bringing back goals, ideas, inspirations that you have lost site of. Making things that have been stagnant and boring become fresh again. Bringing back a youthful fresh outlook on life. Thats something that I believe should be thought about when you think about, or if your a Heathen, observe, Beltaine.

Anyway here are some pics from one of the few times I've gotten outside of Copenhagen since I've been here. They are mainly of my dog running wild in the shallow water of a Danish fjord but there are a few other things thrown in too.

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