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Mans Best Friend

These pics are from a room in National Museum where the walls are covered with huge tapestries depicting scenes of people showing affection towards or hunting with their hounds. Since ancient times they have been our loving, loyal friends, companions, hunting partners and protectors. From helping you feed yourself by tracking game on the hunt, to warning you of possible intruders with their bark, a good dog will not think twice about laying down their own life to protect you. Even showing affection, being there with you or making you laugh when you are feeling sad or lonely.  The dog is the most amazing and complimentary animal to man, not to mention being the truest, most trusted friends we could ever hope to have.

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The Real St. George

The following are pics that I took at the National Museum in Copenhagen. This is a depiction of St. George. Forget about the "Saint" and the Christian connectations that St. George conjure up. The legend of St. George has Heathen roots. Check this link to read up on it.


Also go to this prior post to see more pics from National Museum that I took. I have a whole archive. There are links to all of the other posts from NM at the end of this link.

The Gundestrup Cauldron and the Heathen Holy Grail

Here's some pics of the Gundestrup cauldron that I took at the National Museum a few months back. It was found in dried bog in Denmark in 1891. The cauldron itself dates back to the first or second century BCE. Although some academic eggheads have differing viewpoints, to state the obvious it is Celtic in Origin. Most also believe the cauldron itself, and the depositing of it in the bog was religious in nature. These pics do not do the Gundestrup cauldron justice in comparison to seeing it in person, both in the craftmanship, and the feeling and aura that it emits.  

Click below for more pics and commentary.
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Bronze Age Rock Carvings

Here are some pics of some of the Bronze Age rock carvings from the National Museum here in Copenhagen. I have multitudes of pics of Norse heathen and other cool stuff from the National Museum. I will gradually post lots of pics from the NM over a period of time.

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The Sky Disk of Nebra, another example of Aryan Genius

Here's a pic of the Sky Disk of Nebra that I took at the National Museum in Denmark. It was found in a wooded area in eastern Germany. The Sky Disk is around 3600 years old and is the oldest accurate picture of the cosmos in human history.

Quoting an article I found online about it.

From http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,1564,1361492,00.html

"The disc itself was a cult object, and describes the world view during the Bronze Age. People imagined the earth as a disc, with a dome-shaped sky covering it. A cluster of seven dots has been interpreted as the Pleiades constellation as it appeared 3,600 years ago.

At the same time, the piece is thought to be related to primitive observatories, one of which is the "German Stonehenge" in the nearby town of Goseck. Archeologists believe the disc may have been used in the pre-calendar Bronze Age as an instrument for determining seasonal changes."

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