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Cwn Annwn

Pearls before Swine

cwn annwn
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This is journal is mainly a mish mash of my thoughts and opinions on things like current events, politics, racial issues, conspiracy related topics, Odinism/Pan Aryan Heathenry/Pre-Christian Indo-European Religion, history, books/reading, motorcycles, boxing, physical fitness, dogs, music, nature appreciation, or any other random topic, as well as things happening in my life, past and present. I talk about many issues and topics that are taboo and do so in a way that most are too chickenshit to publicly express. I also post pics and links to things I think are of interest. I try to be fairly active and update with a new post at least once or twice a week.

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1066, 9/11 truth, aldous huxley, alex jones, anti-capitalism, anti-censorship, anti-globalism, anti-globalization, anti-neoconservative, anti-new world order, appalachia, archie moore, argentina, aryan, asatru, atlantis, aurora borealis, belarus, beowulf, bernard hopkins, bibliophile, black metal, blood axis, book collecting, books, boxing, burpees, burzum, call of the wild, cannabis, celtic, celtic mythology, charles manson, conspiracy theories, coonhounds, copenhagen, cwn annwn, cymru, danish language, denmark, egil skallagrimsson, england, estonia, eustace mullins, feral house, freedom of speech, h.r ellis davidson, harold godwinson, hashish, helsinki, history, hollow earth, iceland, icelandic sagas, ireland, italy, jack dempsey, jack london, james toney, jeff rense, jesse stuart, jews, jim goad, joe calzaghe, johnny cash, johnny owen, jrr tolkien, jumping rope, king arthur, københavn, latvia, led zeppelin, libraries, louisville, marijuana, martial arts, michael moynihan, mikkel kessler, mind control, mixed martial arts, mkultra, mma, motorcycles, mungiki, neo-folk, new albany, new world order, norse mythology, northern lights, norway, nutrition, occult, odin, odinism, orkney, peter tosh, physical fitness, pullups, reading, redbone coonhounds, ricky hatton, robert e. howard, rockefellers, ross enamait, rothschilds, rugbrød, rusland, russia, samhain, saturn, scandinavia, scotland, sverige, sweden, tattoos, tea, texe marrs, the faroe islands, tom metzger, ultima thule, vikings, wales, welsh, welsh language, white widow, wild hunt, wind sprints, ,