Viking House

I thought this building looked cool. It reminded me of a big Viking ship or a dragon for obvious reasons. Even the shingles look like the scales on a dragon. I still love how the buildings and architecture look in Denmark.

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Tyr 2

I've been meaning to post a few pics from this for a few weeks. Yet another Tyr show! This one was at a Nordic Isles festival about a month ago. Most of the people there were from the Faroes and Iceland who weren't the usual metal types, although there also some Danish and German metal fans that made it to this show too. Lots of fun in a very casual atmosphere. 95% of the people there were drunk but there were no fights, no attitudes, no lame posers trying to out cool each other. When the band took a break they came out in the crowd and drank and talked to people like they were at home among friends. A great night of fun, Odinist metal and love for the true northern culture.

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My old Kentucky Home

I was looking through a CD full of pics that were mostly taken in a period of about six months before I moved to Denmark. I think I am going to do a post or two of random pics from those considering I haven't posted any pics in a while because I haven't taken very many worth saving, much less posting for several months.

One thing I really miss is having the ability to go out in the woods whenever I want and hunt, track and tree animals, or just hike around and adventure with my dog in the forest. It has been difficult at times for me to adjust to living in such an urban environment.

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Here are a few pics taken by my wife from a show Tyr did right down the street at Christiania recently. Tyr is a GREAT folkish Odinist/Asatru metal band from the Faroe Islands. The Faroes are a group of remote islands that are technically a part of Denmark but they have their own language and their own distinct culture and way of life. The Faroese language closely resembles old Norse. The lyrics of many of Tyrs songs are in Faroese.

Tyr on Myspace -Go here and watch the videos to Hail to the Hammer and Regin Smiur. I get chills every time I hear these songs. Real Odinic music! Hails and love to all Father Odin and the mighty Thor! Some of us will never forget! Our Gods are not dead! We are eternal!

Official Tyr Website

Go Here to see photos of the beautiful Faroe Islands

P.S- Check this out. 'Gandkvæði Tróndar' by Janus Djurhuus. Translated from Faroese its a call to the Gods and spirits of nature to destroy the churches and invasion of demonic Christian tyranny to the Faroes.

Gandkvæði Tróndar

Hevjið í homrum
harðmælta kvæðið,
villu valkyrjur,
vetrarins børn,
tit mínar frælsu,
froysandi hvirlur,
føddar av ódn.

Hastið í hernað
hamranmna døtur,
vekið til veldis
vilt glaðustrok;
gravið frá grunni
goysandi orrusturok.

Ramar eg risti
rúnir, ið rinda
ravni ræ.
Sanna skal Sigmundur,
Tróndur trøllsterkur kvað.

Verjast skal valhøll,
ið vølvur veittu
Miklum norðlanda monnum til mið.
Eydnast at inna
ei skal Signumdi
Eystlanda sið.

Fjallfríðu Føroyar,
ramasta rúnin,
ritað av gudum
um einstakra rætt!
Trygdareið Tróndur
hann treystligt at verja
svór síni ætt.

Hevjið í homrum
harðmælta kvæðið,
villu valkyrjur
veiti mær vørn.
Fram móti Sigmundi
skip hansar sorandi,
land honum forðandi,
fram móti kristni
kirkjurnar brótandi,
Tróndur til Tórs og til Óðins er blótandi,
høgt kvøður heiðin ørn.

J.H.O. Djurhuus (1881 - 1948)
Trond's Magical Chanting

Raise the roar
of rage from the rocks,
wild valkyries
from winter born,
fly my freeborn
furious whirlwinds,
born in the storm.

Ride in rage
daugthers of rocks,
wake up the wildest
waves of the sea,
raise from the sea-beds
raving madness and fear.

I carve ruthless
runes that reach
the ravens rape.
Sigmund shall suffer,
Trond the sorcerer sang.

Stand up for Valhall,
granted by gods,
to the great Norsemen as ultimate bait.
Sigmund shall never
succeed to impose
the East-landers faith.

Mountainous Faeroes
the ranciest runes
written by gods
about human rights!
Oath of allegience
Trond made in truth
for all in his sight

Raise the roaring
rage from the rocks,
wild valkyries
protect my rights.
Storm agains Sigmund,
ship wreck his vessels,
keep him from land.
Storm Christianity,
churches and vanity,
Trond prays for Thor's and Odin's insanity,
the heathen eagle fares high.

Roughly translated by Anker Eli Petersen

Amager er Lort

You could make an argument that my neighborhood is the shithole of all Denmark. That being said nine out of ten people around here are very nice and pleasant to deal with. But the thing is when you have so many people piled on top of each other even if only 1 in 10 is a piece of shit thats still a lot of terds.

The scene in the pic below is pretty typical of the sort of thing you often see around my neighborhood. In this case, which was right outside my window, on a recent sunday morning two drunken Greenlandic morons start fighting each other, one decides he was sick of fighting so he starts running in circles around my neighbors car using it as a shield while the other one chased him. Once the one chasing him tired from the chase slowing to fast walk in his circular pursuit the runner starts taunting him from the other side of the car. To show his enthusiasm he starts pounding one of the windows of the car over and over which ends up causing the window to smash into a million pieces and his hand and arm to start streaming blood. I found this ironic considering both of them were such bad fighters that it reminded me of two old ladies fighting over a parking space in a grocery store parking lot and no real damage was done in the actual fight. So anyway  the cops show up and throw the bloodied car window smashing Innuit into the back of the cop car and cart him off to jail. Although I would imagine they had to take him to the hospital first. Thats my befuddled neighbor standing to the side looking on as they put the idiotic Eskimo in the police car. What a way to begin your sunday morning! The poor car was just in the wrong place in the wrong time.

Just right outside my window I've seen everything from wild brawls, one involving close to ten people, hysterical drug freakouts, drunken females squatting down and pissing on the sidewalk, innumerable amounts of loud arguments and uncountable acts of loud drunken shenanigans. Multiply all that by about 500 and you have a good sample of what I have seen all around this neighborhood. Its getting worse around here too. A lot worse than fist fights and loud drunks. Nobody was actually killed as far as I know but in the past month there have been three stabbings and one shooting in my neighborhood. See I used to think all this stuff was amusing. I remember one night while walking my dog within just a few minutes of viewing multiple instances of obnoxious drunken buffoonery I was literally laughing out loud and fancying to myself that this was all a big joke and I was actually in a Monty Python movie because thats what it reminded me of. But anymore I really don't see much humor in it and over the past few months it has gotten old. There are some things I'm not going to talk about on a public thing like this that anybody can see but lets just say I have been in situations where I had no choice but to be a not so very nice guy a few times and leave it at that. But hey what else can I do? As big of a misanthropist as I am I still want to be nice to people and I have a very long fuse but I promise you I am one of the last people you ever want to fuck with either.

Unfortunately I am stuck in this neighborhood for a while. I will never move back to America unless they send me back in chains with deportation papers stapled to my head but I have been thinking about living in countries other than Denmark now more than ever. Overall I still think Denmark is a great place, especially in comparison with most other countries, but its lost its shine for me lately.        

Dejlig København

I finally found a bicycle that my poor ass could afford to buy. I went out for a bike ride around the city the other day with a camera attached to my wrist. Here are some of the pics that I took.
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Danish Cultural Lesson

This is typical of what you will have if someone invites you over for a nice lunch in Denmark. Most of this stuff is eaten cold. They love to eat cold food here. My wife even drinks her coffee cold! On the other hand they like warm beer and act like I'm a freak for drinking iced tea.

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