point that fuckin' finger up your ass

this journal is;


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--they call me alicia.

sarcastic, moody, intelligent & trustworthy.

i like dying my hair unnatural colors. i don't know what i would do without eyeliner. i hate getting my picture taken, unless i take it myself & pick out the ones i like. if you make me laugh, i probably won't stop. i love sunglasses. dr. pepper is good. but gatorade is better. i'm the youngest of 7 siblings. i don't like talking on the phone. don't make assumptions about me. i cannot draw worth shit. i love music. i like writing. i love my friends more than anything in the world. lunchables are good. i love having fun. my favorite band is system of a down. i hate when my brother steals my cd's. i was in orchestra for five years. i love my mama's laugh. i like the weather channel. i will always pay you back. i am very indecisive. sometimes i think of funny things in my head, & i end up laughing out loud. i love playing guitar. i pop my knuckles too much. stray dogs scare the shit outta me. i would love if someone taught me how to play drums. i love when people smile at me. i refuse to touch any kind of insect. i like driving. nighttime is the best. i hate how everytime i straighten my hair, it ends up raining. i like driving around with friends. i don't like people who fish for compliments. i absolutely hate when my dad turns down the music to say only a few words to me..it's like i can't hear him? WHICH I CAN DAD, FUCKIN' THANKYOU! i love sleeping. gum is wonderful. i hate long fingernails. [dirty ones too] i love loud music. i love taking risks. i'll make you roll on the floor laughing. i'd rather be cold than hot. i'm a perfectionist. i don't feel comfortable looking people in the eyes. i'm very shy. i hate the word no. i hate when people spell my name wrong. i like getting fronted things. i hate waking up early. i like making people happy. i hate awkward silences. i laugh at everything. i hate tweekers. i love going to sparta. &jumping on the water trampoline. i miss the shit out of my old house. my best friend use to be my enemy. love my room. i like beer bongs. i hate when people say they'll call you back&never do. i love eyeliner. smoking marijuana is the best. i love piercings. i really like piercing myself & others. i have ten piercings&two tattoos.


C0CA1NE CR4ZY // disgustip4ted

after reclusive and solitary capricorn comes aquarius, the most outgoing and receptive of all the zodiac signs. aquarius lies opposite leo, the sign that seeks full realization of the ego. the aquarian dream is to merge that ego with the very cosmos. aquarius, the water bearer, pours forth into culture the waters of new life. aquarians are the mystics, the idealists, the reformers, the humanitarians, the innovators-and most of all, the communicators of their group. aquarians are generous, flexible, freethinking, and curious about ideas that run counter to tradition. given their humanitarian impulses, they are often strongly dedicated to the cause of human fellowship and are capable of total self-abnegation in the service of the common good. many aquarians strive to live more on the spiritual plane than on the material one. nonetheless, their spirituality and profound insight are usually tempered by a degree of rationality. this fortuitous coupling produces great creativity, which may find an outlet in the service of an ideology. on the other hand, the restless and original aquarian temperament may lend itself to many other interests, including science and technology.


sublime's my favorite<3



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where words fail, music speaks

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colorbars especially made for me. [clashprincess thankyou cassy<3]






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