It must be said that many of my foreign informants found this aspect of Englishness frustrating,

rather than amusing: ‘The problem with the English,’ complained one American visitor, ‘is that you never know when they are joking – you never know whether they are being serious or not’. This was a businessman, travelling with a female colleague from Holland. She considered the issue frowningly for a moment, and then concluded, somewhat tentatively, ‘I think they are mostly joking, yes?’

Watching the English: the hidden rules of English behaviour by Kate Fox

I think that was the last time I tried to submit a manuscript to the Journal

The success of the Sears program was built significantly on a focus on investigating data and carefully designed and analyzed field experiments, rather than preconceived “models.” At one point in the work, a colleague, Jerome Herniter, and I submitted a paper to the Journal of the Operations Research Society, describing the customer population model’s construction and its use; it was rejected on the grounds of “being too pragmatic.”

melting theory

Never theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgments.

Economists are taught that it is the function of Economic Science to test the truthfulness of the theories, when the real goal is to identify the theory’s domain of usefulness.
Once indoctrinated in graduate school, it takes a long time for new Ph.D.’s in Economics to learn that it is only stories and patterns that we do. Until they make that discovery, they waste a lot of time and rhetoric on “theory and evidence,” admiring their t-values.

E. E. Leamer, Macroeconomic Patterns and Stories: A Guide for MBAs.
melting theory

but of course it is not the only one

Although … new economic theories are introduced by the technique of the huckster, I should add that they are not the work of mere hucksters. … Instead, the successful inventor is a one-sided man. He is utterly persuaded of the significance and correctness of his ideas and he subordinates all other truths because they seem to him less important than the general acceptance of his truth. He is more a warrior against ignorance than a scholar among ideas.

Stigler 1955, “The Nature and Role of Originality in Scientific Progress,” Economica, New Series, Vol. 22, No. 88, pp. 293-302


твердые факты про мягкие способности

Оригинал взят у golos_dobra в твердые факты про мягкие способности


The Myth of Achievement Tests: The GED and the Role of Character in American Life

Книжку можно не покупать, хотя лучше купить, авторы хорошо знают фортран,
по крайней мере один из них точно,
но кто беден тоже может приобщиться - все главное изложено в презентации тут


Hard Evidence on Soft Skills

Uncritical reliance on tests as measures of the outcomes of schools and social programs is a dangerous policy
Uncritical reliance on tests as measures of the outcomes of schools and social programs is a dangerous policy
Uncritical reliance on tests as measures of the outcomes of schools and social programs is a dangerous policy

Investment most productive in early years for IQ and fluid intelligence.
Investment relatively more productive in middle years of childhood for fostering personality.
Associated with the slowly developing pre‐frontal cortex.

Focus on cognitive test scores deceives us.
Soft skills matter.
They can be shaped, even into the adolescent and young adult years.

The Big Five Domains

IQ becomes rank stable by the early teenage years
IQ becomes rank stable by the early teenage years
IQ becomes rank stable by the early teenage years

The GED program conceals and creates major social problems.

Schools now focus only on math and reading.

Policies focusing on promoting test scores,
tuition and college application polices,
and the like miss a basic point about what matters for success and how to foster it.


if you look at IQ, IQ explains very little of earnings, maybe 7%.
If you ask people who aren’t in this room, people who are less informed about these things they’re shocked.
Many people think IQ is 50% of variability. It’s not.

Even the test school, and I’ll call AFQT, the test scorers, explaining about 17% of earnings. Grade point average is actually explaining more than IQ.

But what’s also important to note is that a lot is not explained.
There’s a lot of variability that’s not captured by any of the measures,
including all the measures you put up, Rebecca, earlier today…

We got rid of even physics and music from schools because, you know,
we wanted to get these test scores out there, and we just stripped away everything that was valid about education, useful.

The thing that Horace Mann was talking about, I mean, it’s commonsense, but I think what’s going to happen when we look back on the 1960 era to roughly this era here we’re going to say for about 40 or 50 years American society, and probably world society, got caught up in the throes of cognitive psychology and thought everything could be boiled down to a test and then everything 50 years later, as we improve and escape this trauma, was we understood a much broader notion of human skill and what the purpose of education was about.

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соразмерным многолетней деятельности нобелевских лауреатов по 80 часов напряженной мысли в неделю.

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всерьез считающих свое уродство достоинством.

Понятно тебе, Ребекка? Не все измеряется гауссом, Ребекка, не все измеряется числом цитирований,
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Перегибы в борьбе с перегибами

Оригинал взят у corporatelie в Перегибы в борьбе с перегибами
Получил вчера партию документов из ГАНО, а там в стенограмме одного из совещаний такое.

Р-2, оп.2, д.458, 028.jpg

Канцелярит местных советских и партийных органов времен коллективизации,в целом, вполне заслуживает отдельного филологического исследования, с моей точки зрения. Праволевацкие перегибы в блокировке с белогвардейско-эсеровским подпольем.