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greetings, saboteurs!

the new mouton_noir7

intense, blistering waves of fuck you
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gooby pls.
00g, a perfect circle, abandon, achieving alpha wolf status, adventures, amateur geology, anti-adverbs, appreciating what i have, arctic tundra, art, atlas shrugged, avoiding you, balance in all things, being messy, being outside, being weird, biblethumpers, birls, books, buffy, cacti, canada, cannibals, carleton, castle rock, christianity, cloves, cooking, d. h. lawrence, darwin, david canaan, deftones, edward gorey, ennui, ernest buckler, evolution, fight club, foliage, fossils, gender, geology, giant randomized playlists, girlfags, glass, god, graffiti, grimsby, gunslingers, hallucinations, hamlet, hannibal lecter, horror, hyperbole, internet, irrelevance, jebus crispy, layers, lemon cults, liars, literature, loopholes, love, making fun of people, making fun of you, matthew good, matthew good band, maynard james keenan, meat, meeting random people, mgb, midnight walks, minerals, morbidity, my boyfriend, niagara, not being mouton_noir7, not being poor, not reading the odyssey, other people's conversations, ottawa, paint, paleo, pansexuality, philosophy, photography, plugs, poetry, procrastinating, projects, psychogeography, rambling, reading, rocks, rocky horror picture show, scarification, scars, serial killers, sleep, smashing pumpkins, solving mysteries, space, stephen king, sticker art, stones, stretched ears, strongbad, swimming, symbolism, tattoos, tea, teen girl squad, the carolinian belt, the dark tower, the desert, the mariana trench, the virtue of selfishness, theorizing, thomas harris, threadless, thunderstorms, time travel technicalities, tool, toques, underworld, unusual pizza toppings, urban decay, urban exploration, value village, waking life, weirdness, wesley willis, writing, wtf, zines