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May 27th, 2008

8 The Tudors icons @ 09:06 pm

I have some The Tudors icons, my fist batch with mostly Katherine of Aragon and Charles Brandon (Henry Cavill *swoon*). I've also got some Regency and Victorian era works of art icons from icon challenges. Enjoy! Some of The Tudors caps are from dj_capslock.

Please do not alter or add text to my textless icons, they are not bases.

Crediting is wonderful but not necessary. If crediting, use crymeariver_ I do request you comment if you are taking one, since it helps me to know what went over well for other posts and well... I love comments! XD


Move over Henry, I want Brandon...Collapse )

Regency and Victorian era art...Collapse )

May 7th, 2008

Colin Firth, Sense and Sensibility and a little Scottish Romance! @ 12:55 pm

I made some Sense and Sensibility icons from the 1995 and 2007 versions, centering on Brandon. Plus, I also made an icon of Charles Brandon - the yummy Henry Cavill from The Tudors (more to come). In addition I have some Colin Firth icons, from various stills, movies and some Scottish romance book covers from icontests Enjoy! S&S caps from spikesbint and The Tudors cap from dj_capslock


Sense and SensibilityCollapse )

The man, himselfCollapse )

Romance is in the airCollapse )

Another BrandonCollapse )

The Bronze HorsemanCollapse )