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This is the icon journal of julielu. Some of the posts are locked, so if you want to see all of them, you will need to add me as a friend. Most of my icons have to do with period films of books, such as Pride and Prejudice, Outlander, Horatio Hornblower, Master & Commander, Jane Eyre or something like 300 or Anne of Green Gables. Sometimes, I vary and make icons of British actors, like Gerard Butler and Colin Firth or Pirates or some old classic movies or even Mamma Mia! It really depends on what I feel like. If you like what you see, friend me to keep up on what I'm making.

I also moderate the community outlandishicons, icons based on the books by Diana Gabaldon.

1. Comments are what keep me going. I love to hear from you, even if you take icons from old entries, because I still read everything. I love to read your comments, and it helps me when I'm thinking about what to do next and what are your favorites.
2. Please don't hotlink.
3. Crediting is lovely, but not necessary. But, if you choose to, credit crymeariver_ or julielu. If you are not sure how to credit, you can learn how here.


Brushes, caps, effects, tutorials, textures and gradients I use in my icons are by: 11amgraphics, 77words, 9thaquilo, acidicicons, aconite, hanako_lovely, amavel_bel, amethystia, amore, apricot_13, arisubox, astarte59, _blisse, blimey_icons, brevet, ca_pris, cdg, chiffonwings, colorfilter, colorset, colortone, creamycoolness, crumblingwalls, crushedviolet, daffodil_icons_, desert_sky, daringlydivine, desiderio, dieaku, discolore, divine_desire, dj43, easybakeicons, ejchristian86, eledhwen_girl, elli, elliptica, equalize21, eternalphoenix_, eveningwalk, elanordh, ewanism, ownthesunshine, filmowe, fraoch_icons, garishlight, dearest, gilmoreghost, awry, girlboheme, graphicquandary, haydens__hunnie, hexicons, ibedesign, _iconographer, iconistas, iconstudios, iiokua, inexorablyhere, innocenceagain, inxsomniax, iris_elegance, jatiebk, jubilli, __kali__, kittykaticons, xxkitty_katexx, sir, liars_dance, lifeisdolce, little_son, lookslikerain, lostaddict, lost_whysper, lovelytrash.org, lovemelikemusic, loveicon, luminicity, luthien_black, masquerade_arts, meleada, minusthewalrus, myrasis, noctuidae, ohpaintbrush, orchidicons, paperink, parisbynight, phuck at last5, pokemastersan, quebelly, radon_, readyfuels21, endlessdeep, regen, sensi_incanto, shoegal_icons, sibelle_art, six_crazy_guys, spectacular, spikesbint, spiritcoda, neke, flux_ion, swirlicon, tcg1026, teh_indy, tempest_icons, goddess_naunett, toybirds, tragic_icons, trash_graphics, unmasked_icons, wash_when_dirty, wickedful, wizzicons, wonderland__, xgraphicjunkie, yorda_, asya_17, yuna_ki, thephotobox, www.rainharbour.net, Lotus Graphics and The Glinted Brush

All banners, colorbars and headers made by me. Layout by fiorelina.

Want to affiliate? Comment here, so I can link back to you, and you can use the banner I made below, if you want, but it's not necessary. Not sure how to link on your user info page? Learn how here.



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