22 May
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my name is samantha alexandra and im 15. i love acting and art. id say im athletic, i play volleyball and softball. i love to meet new people. i have a myspace if you would ever want to check it out... www.myspace.com/miss_juliet_5226. i love shakespeare, i think he was brilliant and i love to learn as much about him and his works as i can. i really enjoy painting and writing. Yeah i kno im a lil artsy but hey whatever. i hate fake people and people that arent true to themselves because of wanting to be in a certian crowd. Stereotyping bugs me...nobody deserves to be labled. it dont really care if people drink but i just dont do it. I guess you can say i am no fun...but i like to say im just smart. My idols are mariline monroe, audrey hepburn, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, My mom, Nicole Kidman, and Frank Sanatra...and many more. i really love to camp, my family loves to camp so we are gone up north as much as we can. My parents are divorced, and have been for two or three years now. My mother got remarried and i have two step sisters, One step brother, and one real brother. I am the oldest out of all of them. My father is dating but nothing too serious yet. I have a boyfriend who im very much in love with. his name is andy and its almost been one year. i go to lakeshore high school and have always been in the lakeshore district. My first live journal didnt work out so well so i thought id try again and hopefully this one is better and i can keep up on updating in it. well thats pretty much me. If you dont like me....dont tell me...i wouldnt care