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The Huge, Massive, Very Big Master Post of All My Fanfic.

Some fics are not posted on LJ and thus are not listed here. They can be viewed at:

The Cinndicate Web Site. All fics posted here are complete.
The Cinndicate Yahoo Group. All fics posted here are WIPs.
Fanfiction.net. All fics posted here are rated R and under.

Lit Crit
Review of Brokeback Mountain (the story by Annie Proulx, not the movie)

All Fandoms
Drabble and One-liner Requests. G through R, all genres, complete.

Belladonna. R, Yumichika/Isane, oneshot, drama/erotica, complete.
Become a Ghost. R. Orihime/Byakuya, monstrously long (145,000 words), romance/drama, complete.
The Bluff Is Called. PG13, Shunsui/Nanao, humour/romance, oneshot, complete.
Born to Play It. PG, Ichigo/Orihime (slight), humour, oneshot, complete.
Circle. PG13, Rangiku/Gin, angst/romance, oneshot/drabble, complete.
Dark Dragon. PG13, Unohana-->Kenpachi, humour/drama, oneshot, complete.
Deathcherry. NC17, Ichigo/Yoruichi, drama/erotica, oneshot, complete.
December 2005 Fuh-Q Fest. NC17, Rukia/Kaien, oneshot, erotica, complete.
Deeper Down. NC17, Aizen/Hinamori, drama/dark/erotica, oneshot, complete.
Figured You Out. R, Ishida/Orihime, humour/romance/drama, oneshot, complete.
Forgive Me, Love. PG13, Rukia+Ichigo and Rukia/Renji, drama/angst/romance, oneshot, romance, complete.
Good Clean Fun. NC17, Mizuho/Ikkaku, oneshot, erotica/humour, complete.
The Hardest Time. NC17, Matsumoto/Hitsugaya, oneshot, erotica/drama/angst, complete.
Little Death. NC17, Yoshino/Ishida, oneshot, drama/erotica, complete.
Lonesometown. PG13, entire cast, multi-part, drama/angst, WIP.
Prete-a-Porter. PG13, entire cast, humour, oneshot, complete.
September 2005 Fuh-Q Fest. NC17, Ishida/Tatsuki, oneshot, erotica, complete.
Shades of Grey. NC17, Orihime/Ichigo, oneshot, erotica, complete.
Shinigami in High School Drabbles. PG, entire cast, humour, oneshot, complete.
30romances Drabbles and Oneshots. G through R, Ishida/Orihime, all genres, WIP.
Taste the Irony. PG, Byakuya+Unohana, humour, oneshot, complete.
The First Cut. NC17, Hinamori/Grimmjow, angst/erotica, oneshot with possible sequels, complete for now.
The Turds and the Trees. PG13, Kenpachi+Yachiru+Ikkaku, oneshot, humour, complete.
Triangle. Ukitake/Nanao/Shunsui, NC17, erotica, oneshot, complete.
Undisclosed Desires. R, Orihime/Byakuya, humor/romance. WIP.
Whatever. NC17, Ikkaku/Mizuho, oneshot, erotica/humour, complete.

Crooked Heart. NC17, BtVS/LotR, Faith/Eomer, drama/angst/porn, oneshot, complete.
Everyone Says I Love You. PG, HP/BtVS, Snape/Buffy, drama/romance, oneshot, complete.
Nameless Ficlet. PG, PotC/LotR, Jack Sparrow and Pippin Took, humour, oneshot, complete.
Small Universe. PG, SGA/AtS, McKay+Fred, multi-part, humour/drama, complete.
Tempus Fidgets. PG13, PotC/BtVS, entire casts, drama/romance, multi-part, WIP.
The Only Explanation. PG13, LotR/BtVS, Haldir/Cordelia, drama/romance, multi-part, complete.

Fruits Basket
Blue Heaven. PG, Kyou/Tohru, Yuki/Uotani, multi-part, humour/drama, complete.
7snogs Ficlets. PG13, Kyou/Tohru, multi-part, humour/drama/romance, WIP.

Fullmetal Alchemist
No Need to Be Coy, Roy. PG, Roy/?, humour, one-shot, complete.

Game of Thrones
Once a Century. PG. Brienne of Tarth/Tormund Giantsbane, romance, humor, one-shot, complete.

A Paper Illusion. R, Kagome/Kouga, oneshot, drama/angst, complete.
And What About the Girl Who Ran?. R, Kikyou/Suikotsu, angst/drama, oneshot, complete.
A Single Soul. PG, Sesshoumaru + Rin, drama/schmoop, oneshot, complete.
Dissonance. NC17, Kikyou/Sesshoumaru, drama/angst, oneshot, complete.
Dream a Wicked Dream. PG13, Kikyou/Naraku, drama/horror, character death, one-shot, complete.
Drops of Gold. PG13, Sango/Inuyasha, drama/romance, multi-part, complete.
Every Traveler Be Found. G, Rin/Shippou, oneshot, drama/romance, complete.
Frozen in Amber. PG13, Kagome+Kohaku, drama/angst, oneshot, complete.
I Won't Respect You in the Morning. R, Bankotsu/Jakotsu, satire, multi-part, complete.
Lacuna. R, Kagura/Sesshoumaru, drama/angst, oneshot, complete.
One Less Star. R, Kagome/Sesshoumaru, drama/romance, multi-part, WIP.
Patience. PG13, Kanna/Kohaku, drama/angst, oneshot, complete.
Say Goodbye. PG13, Kaede, Onigumo, drama/horror, oneshot, character death, complete.
The End Has Come. R, entire cast, humour, oneshot/drabbles, complete.
30shards Drabbles and Oneshots. PG, Kagome/Kouga, multi-part, all genres, WIP.
White Ladder. PG13, Kagome, Rin, Sesshoumaru; drama/angst, one-shot, complete.
With Every Rose. PG13, Kouga/Kagome, drama/angst, oneshot/drabble, complete.

Lord of the Rings
The Yellow Bird. PG, Galadhrim, drama/humour/romance, multi-part, complete.
Unrequited: Gilraen. PG13, Gilraen-->Elrond, drama/angst, oneshot, complete.

Ouran Host Club
Bee to the Blossom: Tamaki. NC17, Haruhi/Tamaki, humor/erotica, oneshot, complete.
Bee to the Blossom: Mori. NC17, Haruhi/Mori, humor/erotica, oneshot, complete.

Samurai Champloo
Combine and Conquer. NC17, Jin/Fuu/Mugen, drama/erotica, oneshot, complete.
The Kite. PG, Shino, drama/angst, oneshot, complete.

Stargate: Atlantis
A Game Teyla Plays. NC17, Teyla/McKay, oneshot, PWP/porn, complete.
Shibboleth. PG, McKay/Teyla, drabble/oneshot, drama/romance, complete.

Fan art Gallery 1 for various IY stories.
Fan art Gallery 2 for One Less Star.
Fan art Gallery 3 for Blue Heaven.
Fan art Gallery 4 for Between the Shadow and the Soul.
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