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Ogawa, Tetsuya's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ogawa, Tetsuya

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May 17th 2006 @ 8:36am


Mirrors are evil...

-mutters and walks away-
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April 23rd 2006 @ 12:26am
Wow so many things have went on ^__________^

I don't know where to start.

Progressing in my music class which is a plus my bass finally likes me now.

I been looking for a job and I think I am going to apply at his coffe/tea shop~ Bou! I found a nice coffee/tea shop that is hiring!
Since you thought we should work together this can be our chance ^^.

Well hyde met my family...one word...interesting...that is all.

I wonder how Kao and Kyo are doing...everyone is so silent lately.
Oh yeah...I remember now..somthing about revenge or something bascially there going to be like children for awhile. One request...leave me out of it and Bou too. We are inoccent people that just don't really want a part of it...well maybe...GAH! what am I saying...

Mou..I wonder when hyde is going to get off work~
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February 3rd 2006 @ 11:09pm
This part is locked to Tetsu's eyes only~
After having that talk with my friend...

He told me...that I was in love cause I let random events happen.

I can say I am scared of feeling this way. I am not surpose to love him...things were just easy to like him.

All I will do is contrate on my studies...I will make sure to speak to him but I can't touch him.

Lately I have been really been hanging out with Bou...but I know he wants to be with Kaoru as much as he can...I should try to make more friends.

I just can't be in the same room with him...

As long as I stay away....

I am safe.

End of lock~

^___________________^ classes are good...except for music class...my bass hates me with a passion and I know it.

Really don't have to much to say....

I can tell Bou-kun is happy and so is Kaoru.

I am glad for them. Hyde got a job..and I am happy for him.

Hmm...going job hunting sometime soon. ^^; espcially if I going to need a couple more things soon.
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December 12th 2005 @ 1:31am
^^; boy I have not written in this thing for awhile. I been really busy...
Also I have been really happy, so happy that I just can't even explain it! ^______^
Lida...you were right! Thank you! we need to hang out again, I owe you ramen or something.
Well friday I went out and got a new shirt. I like it alot and wore it saturday when I was hanging out with my sisters.
They liked it too plus it's my favorite color....>____> yeah my favorite color is....Pink. They also think I should let my hair grow out..since it is getting longer than before.
Anyways I got the pictures devoloped and there kinda small...but that's ok.

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November 25th 2005 @ 7:41am
I had to go home...

the end.

but I will be back. ^___^;
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November 12th 2005 @ 10:29pm
Friday night....
I  forget about what happened and forget about him.
He knew..but still went along with it.
I bumped into Kaoru early and he asked me to hang out with him tomorrow, I really don't know him that well but it would be nice to make friends. Still how did he and him ever became friends...
He is a egotiscal jerk and Kaoru is very nice..
I wonder but I guess there is more to the story but I don't care when it comes to him.
Whatever...tomorrow will be a good day. ^^ I just know it and today I am at a friends cause I don't want to be in my dorm room.
....Maybe I can move out..and travel back and forth to school. commute...I should think about that.

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November 8th 2005 @ 2:04am
....Never have I felt this way...
I never ever felt like straggling someone.
Until...I met my ROOMMATE
His ego is as big as his head!
Argh! He makes fun of my anime...then makes fun how I decorated my side of the room!
Which makes it even worse! he and I have Culinary Arts together! WHY!
;-; I did nothing to deserve this...
My mother keeps calling me and making sure I am alright...=_____= I am fine...I keep telling her that but she continues to insist that I come home or she comes to visit me. >>; I don't think so and if she came here she would difinetly meet...HIM yeah that is all I need for them to meet.

Classes are going alright...except musical instrumental class...my bass is evil and that is the end of the story. <.<;
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November 5th 2005 @ 5:52am
Wahhhhh! I just got another model! It's really cool! [just a touch excited...]

Ailes Strike- Model-001!

I still deciding if I wait to upgrade my gundam or not....not sure yet.

Take a look! ^________^ below

Classes are going good! I have no complaints! I wonder when I will have a room mate?
Maybe my roommate will like anime like I do! Ack! I got to run or I will be late for Musical class.

My awesome gundam!Collapse )
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October 29th 2005 @ 6:38pm
Characters Name:Ogawa Tetsuya [tetsu]
Band Name:L'arc~en~Ciel/TETSU69
Yahoo SN:none
AIM SN:Lecieltetsu69
Character Journal:cradle_trust_
Year: Sophomore
Dorm Building: Kaze Villa
Music instrumental
Culinary Arts
Design clothing
Computer science
tetsu is shy but friendly. Everyone be nice to him ^^
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