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[+Sunday 22nd+]

New LJ.... Im Not Adding anybody who doesnt comment....






-->10> touch my lips.

[+Sunday 22nd+]
[ mood | cranky ]

So i Dyed my hair blackish purple.

its deffinitly going to take some getting used too.


touch my lips.

[+Saturday 21st+]
[ mood | im not sure ]

So I was going through that old box of notes & pictures up in my closet, and this is what i found....



The Memory Box In My Closet...Collapse )

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[+Friday 20th+]

The Easter Bunny And I Would Like To Take Our Title Of " STUPID ASS BLONDES" Back...  Heres The Convo That Proves We Deserve It ::::

*Nancys SN* (4:56:02 PM): i need all offical army forces to report to base 3 now GO GO GO!!!!
c0smiCKisseZ xo (4:56:12 PM): IM GOING IN !
*Nancys SN* (4:56:18 PM): ok take coverrrrrrrrrr
*Nancys SN* (4:56:31 PM): slutty ho ten oclock
c0smiCKisseZ xo (4:56:39 PM): lol
c0smiCKisseZ xo (4:56:46 PM): oh shit * DUCK AND COVER *
*Nancys SN* (4:57:02 PM): START THROWING CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!
*Nancys SN* (4:57:05 PM): lol
c0smiCKisseZ xo (4:57:14 PM): lol
*Nancys SN* (4:57:17 PM): lol
c0smiCKisseZ xo (4:57:27 PM): *chacks pockets* im all out...  u got some?
c0smiCKisseZ xo (4:57:31 PM): **checks
*Nancys SN* (4:57:48 PM): yea here we go!!!!! BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!!!
c0smiCKisseZ xo (4:58:09 PM): AHHHH
*Nancys SN* (4:58:11 PM):  OK we're all out we'll have to wait nad see if 500 is enough


hmm.. yeah i want it back :) OH check out the hillary special below....hehe



Hilary SpecialCollapse )

-->2> touch my lips.

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