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[Mar. 15th, 2004|01:01 am]
[mood |sadsad]

i am bored i feel shitty

i saw the butterfly effect wow it was a really wow movie
then went to krispy cream i met some people saw alex and casie he looks like ashton koocher(sp) lol funny name well i got a st. partricks day donut hehe fucking good well i guess i am going to go there is nothing to do i still feel shitty

i hate the way i act ii wish i could change it

From: (Anonymous)
2008-12-23 11:31 am (UTC)
Hi, I hope I'm not coming off rude or anything, but I'm very interested in your livejournal username '_concrete'. If you do not want that account, I'd love to have it. Please do email me skypanes[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks in advance! :D
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