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would you trade your soul for gold?

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ellie is here and she is so so so so so so so awesome, clearly you are all jealous.
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ellie is not allowed near the internet unsupervised anymore.
i am in her apartment eating her toast and she is at blockbuster making some money or something.

not being at school is awesome. i love it and i'm going to be pretty reluctant to start at whichever new one now that i know what having left school is like. although if i was going to leave school i would definitely need a job that isn't at toys r us because i pretty much hate that place.

we started packing and everything over the last couple of days. there was a garage sale yesterday, i woke up late and some of my furniture got sold. i guess thats what you get for being lazy. anyway there are boxes everywhere and they get shipped over the day before we fly out. apparently they'll take 10-11 weeks to get there. i hope that isn't true.
we fly out on the 15th which is in ten days and i'm not actually going to be spending many of those days at home so it's all going to be pretty crazy. this next week is going to be really busy and there are a bunch of people i really want to see before i go.

i am nervous.

ps. bloc party was last night and it was awesome. midnight juggernauts are cool. lnr and heather are excellent concert company.
also i don't really know how macs work so i keep making weird things pop up on here and getting confused. it's pretty good though.
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kaiser chiefs - saturday night
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ellie is so good.
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so there's not really anything i can say about brand new that someone else hasn't already said but oh well - it was amazing. seriously amazing. 

anyway. again, the plane didn't crash and now it's tuesday night and i am at home, where i have been all day yet haven't even looked at the mountain of homework i have to do, beginning with the food tech assignment that was due this morning and the d&t assignment that is due tomorrow. awesome. i have more or less put myself in a quite a difficult situation as far as school work goes - i'm already having too many days off but if i go i will get in more trouble for all the things i haven't done. pretty unfortunate but right now i'm not as worried as i should be.

in conclusion, homework aside, i pretty much love life.

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kevin devine - lord, i know we don't talk.
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who is actually really definitely going to the easter show on monday? (josh pyke / the matches / angus & julia stone!) i want to make sure i don't cancel my awesome public holiday shift if no one else is going. 
also brand new will be the best ever. whichever shows i end up going to. the very best ever. i am so excited.
and so glad that it's the holidays. school has almost turned me into a zombie. 
birthday in three days. or two. i'm not sure. easter sundayyyy. and i'm working for a couple of hours that day too which would make going to the easter show okay.
the informers is a pretty good book so far. in an overall discontented feeling kind of way.
i just realised i forgot to watch the mighty boosh. most disappointing feeling ever.
and green point is the most boring place i have ever been. we don't even have a subway.
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josh pyke - buttons
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dear ellie.
if you ever send me EIGHT (or any) livejournal nudges again i will come to your house and i will get you. 
love, natalie.

for the six weeks i have been kindly informed i didn't update my livejournal for, i was
-at school
-doing so much homework i can't even breathe
-hardly getting any shifts at work
-getting my nose pierced
-seeing snow patrol
-seeing damien rice and fionn regan
-having a mediocre at best time at soundwave
-watching insane amounts of never mind the buzzcocks
-seeing fall out boy (it finally happened and was more fun than i can even comprehend)
-at emily's house
-alternating between absolutely loving everything and being completely bored of everything
-getting tickets to clap your hands say yeah in may and bloc party in august.

and probably other things i've forgotten. 

now. dylan moran is in a week. i miss the weekend. can't wait for it to start getting cold. shamefully addicted to 'sheila' by jamie t. 
there's a good reason i don't update and it's because nothing is interesting. i'll delete this when/if i can think of something better to write.
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patrick wolf - the bluebell
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the big day out was excellent. so good. the killers was one giant singalong. and i didn't want the presets to ever end. and MUSE. ellie has a nice apartment . the hottest 100 thing was crowded and brandon flowers was there which was exciting. patience and john from the grates were there too, and it turns out me and leah are huge huge creeps.
then on friday night we were also the only people at kasabian who weren't 20-something year old drunk english men and it really was so much fun. kasabian were 100 times better than you can even imagine. and the crowd kept singing after they finished and then the whole way from the enmore back to central. central was full of people who had just been to trivium and were much less enjoyable company so we hid away and discovered that red v is awful and 'mother' is worse. 

and now i am sick. today i saw the pursuit of happyness and then came home and slept. school starts tomorrow which probably couldn't be more inconvenient.

in much nicer news, i really do like infinity on high. with the possible exception of 'i'm like a lawyer...', which may or may not be growing on me anyway. i can't wait for march. finally!

and internet drama is so 2004.

Current Music:
kasabian - british legion
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stocktake is unpleasant and i absolutely never want to see fucking marbles ever again. my cat died while i was at work. i guess it's fair to say tonight could have gone better.
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the stone roses - sally cinnamon
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ladders should never ever ever have wheels.
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ryan adams - wish you were here
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hi 2007. happy new year.

i haven't updated since october. i am so happy it's the holidays. it hasn't even been too hot, or maybe i just haven't been outside enough. my grandparents are over now and today they went on a sea plane ride or something. i spent until about 2 this afternoon convinced today was tuesday and then i decided it must actually be wednesday. it's not either of those days. i threw out about four bags of stuff from my room today. i don't think this could be more disjointed if it tried. 
someone go somewhere with me.

Current Music:
joy division - transmission
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