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for everything there is a reason [entries|friends|calendar]

try to fix what i've undone cause i hate what i've become
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cut some people [30 Jun 2005|03:48pm]

i figured it was time to update my friends list again.
it's time to stop beating around the bush.
you don't read my journal, i don't read your journal, so what's the post in being on each others lists ?
it makes no sense for me to have 110 people on my list, when i only read or hear from maybe 20.
plus, its summer, people are busy doing other things, aka you don't have time to be on livejournal and i only have time to keep up with the journals i like.
if anyone who got cut has anything to say, post in my friends only.

please remove me off your list if your name is behind this cutCollapse )

locked [23 Feb 2005|08:33pm]
Friends Only ♥
comment & add me first
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