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a stream of blinking lights.

but at least we had this time; and i'd like to think we're better off for it.

4/25/11 11:27 pm - A can of Vanilla Coke Zero killed my iPod.

I have summer goals already.

. Buy a skinny road bike. Ride it.
. Fix turntable. Buy Adele's "21" on vinyl. Listen on repeat.
. Jump off Nelson Ledges cliffs. Prerequisite: Learn how to swim.
. Procure a cheap ukulele. Make Princess Fish a reality.
. Wear a bikini (even though the mere thought causes me anxiety).
. Work a real jobby job.
. Attempt to write a short story. This thought also causes me great anxiety.

1/30/11 04:57 pm - I want hashbrowns from C's Waffles.

Yesterday involved Mexican food, mall traipsing, a second viewing of "Inception" (I might have understood it this time. Sort of.), legit makeout hair, a White Russian, dancing to bad techno remixes of Lady Gaga songs and devouring Denny's mozzarella sticks (with ranch and barbecue sauce) at 4 a.m. Coming home at 7:30 a.m. and sleeping until 3 p.m. isn't terribly conducive to a productive day.

But it was totally worth it.

1/26/11 12:51 am - Personal Jesus.

Why do boys write songs for me?!? It's kind of adorable.

1/22/11 06:31 am - My phone alarm clock just went off. But I haven't been to bed yet.


Amaretto Sours taste like underage intoxication and summertime. Mmm.

1/21/11 08:59 am - F snow.

CRUCIAL STEP IN THE MANBATICAL: Changing my Facebook relationship status to "single." Kind of liberating.

1/15/11 01:46 pm - I'm super into Defiance, Ohio. And motivational life quotes (esp. from Michael Cera's Twitter).

"Any relationship that matters -- a friendship, a family, a romance, a band, anything -- is a perilous and fragile thing because along with all the amazing experiences and creations that can come from something so intimate and exhausting comes the possibility for things to crumble and shatter or whither (sic) and die. When that happens, it's easy to forget what was precious amidst all the disaster. We should always carry our history with us but never let it bury us."

(From Defiance, Ohio's website.)

1/15/11 01:43 pm - I love Tegan and Sara.

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9/29/10 11:29 pm - I do not feel like doing a PowerPoint on the 17th Century right now.

It's officially officially over. I think it's possible I might run out of tears. Yeesh.

9/4/10 12:36 pm - Whoa.

WAIT. Did I really not Livejournal AT ALL this summer?

9/4/10 12:36 pm - My life would suck without you.

I'm freaked out by what my life has become.

I'm reading "Cunt: A Declaration of Independence" and contemplating reading Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan. I just finished "The Bell Jar." Someone bought me the journals of Sylvia Plath for my birthday. I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson. I start my mornings with a trio of Miley Cyrus songs: 1. "7 Things," which makes me jump around and be sad; 2. "Party in the U.S.A.," which makes me jump around and be happy; and 3. "The Climb," which makes me feel inspired ... and want to live my life SO HARD. Lame.

WTF life.
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