Ash Ketchup (combustion__) wrote,
Ash Ketchup

Pokemon Wants Page!

Mainly for my own records, but this is all junky lists of stuff I need/want! I will update with pictures as I stop being so lazy~

  • DX Kid
  • Kid with both arms up, one arm up, or clear variants
  • Mascot Plush (Both large and regular size)
  • Pillow/Plush (HOLY GRAIL)
  • Bell Plush
  • Bath Buddy
  • Zukan (I want for cheap, just the Dragonite!)
  • Fatty Pokedoll
  • Battle Museum Figure
  • V-Trainer
  • Any minimodels, Keshimon, or metal figures I am missing
  • Or, you know. Anything else I'm missing. There's a lot.
  • Kuttari Plush
  • Pokedoll
  • DX Pokedoll
  • Banpresto Waffle Plush
  • Mascot Plush
  • McDonald's Plush
  • Pleather Plush
  • Reversable to Pokeball Plush
  • Zukan
  • Pencil Topper
  • Squishy Ball Thingy
  • Any figures or kids I am missing
  • Elsa Card Protectors
  • Tomy Plush
  • Talking Tomy Plush
  • DX Pokedoll
  • Koru-Nui Plush
  • MC Figure
  • Attack Kid (Using Attract)
  • Kids (Regular [old and new] and both clear [old and new])
  • Running FCS
  • Zukan
Ekans and Arbok and Seviper:
  • Really, like, everything! Here is what I DO have instead! Ekans and Arbok regular kids, Seviper zukan piece, ekans tfg, and random mini-models. I need everything else.
  • Applause Ekans
  • BK Ekans
  • BK Arbok
  • Hasbro Arbok
  • TFG Figure
  • Pokemon Time Strap
  • FCS
  • Dex Figure
  • Zukan
  • Or you know, everything else besides the regular kid.
Other things:
  • Kyurem and Volcarona stuff! I want after I saw the MC figures. Anything that's not-flat.
  • Pikachu Cheebee
  • Customs of any of the above Pokemon. (But I'm cheap.)
  • Reshiram pokedoll (shoulda bought this when I went to ACen >:3 )
  • COMIC BOOKS. Yeah. I only have one, forget what its called but with Arbok/TR on the front.
  • Anything I'm missing on the above lists that is cute, non-flat, and/or super expensive.
  • Any of the following items from these Pokemon: (AKA Things I want to collect but am too lazy to ever start)

Thanks for looking! <3
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