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Jumbled Thoughts

8 August
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Hi, I'm Kat, a 28 year old operations agent (most badass job title ever!) with a very unhealthy obsession with Lord of the Rings, Viggo Mortensen, scrawny boys (so cuddly), and pretty much everything listed in my interests. I have been called a "walking randomness" by one of my friends and I try to live up to that title. I am very odd and evil, as most of my friends will tell you, and I enjoy rambling on about whatever topic happens to capture my attention. Of course, that topic tends to change every 3.5 seconds. The older I get, the more I am convinced I have AD/HD.

And just to warn you, I have an extremely perverted and sarcastic sense of humor. Expect that to come out in most, if not all entries. Enjoy. Or else *shakes fist*

Viggo is Love
adam sandler, adding ness to words, annoying one and all, arguing, ari hest, audioslave, babylon 5, being a smartass, being easily amused, being god, big daddy, billy boyd, billy boyd's "monster", billy joel, blaring music at 2am, bob seger, bookstores, brad tapper, brandon boyd, braveheart, breakfast club, bullshitting, canadians, catch-22, cats, celtic music, chicago, chicago wolves, chocolate, christmas-carol-singing-in-the-dishroom, cladaugh rings, classic rock, confusing people, csi, david wenham, derek mackenzie, dirty dancing, dominic monaghan, dorks, douglas adams, downloading songs, dressing up my cats, dressing-up-as-an-elf-from-lothlorien, elton john, eric clapton, experimenting on people, fanfic, farscape, feminism, fire, friday-night-parties-at-the-katies, gel pens, gentlemen, george bush haters, green day, guys in tight pants, guys' asses, happy gilmore, having movie marathons, history, hitchhiker's-guide-to-the-galaxy, hockey, hockey players, hyperness, incubus, ireland, irish accents, irish pubs, jimmy buffet, johnny depp, karl urban, killing my alarm clock, liberals, lip gloss, lord of the rings, lotr, lots of candy, lucky boys confusion, men in kilts, messing with peoples' minds, monty python, most extreme elimination challenge, muppets, music, my best friend's wedding, my friends and family, my sorority, my website, mystery science theater 3000, neopets, notting hill, office space, oldies, onomatopoeia, oompa loompas, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pixi stix, playing with matches, poetry, princess bride, procrastinating, psychology, puddle of mudd, purple, randomness, rat lab, rats, red, renaissance men, republican-bashing, robbie o'connell, sarcasm, sci-fi, scrawny boys, sean bean, singing, six feet under, sleeping, south park, space pirates, sporks, sugar, swearing like a sailor, taking blackmail pictures, the beatles, the brave little toaster, the fifth element, the green mile, the simpsons, the strokes, viggo mortensen, vodka, wallace and gromit, weezer, world domination, your mom, zoning out