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i went crazy again today [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Feb10th | 12:42am ]

fff is the effin best, just thought i'd get that out there
even though we're a lil trashy from time to time ;)

sigur ros is life

i'm gonna go hang out with gino b, pz lata

ps, kces says hi. even though this was her typing the entire time.
weeeeee bye!
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[Aug30th | 4:10pm ]
wellll... i take off for europe in just under 5 hours now. i'm all done packing, my suitcases are sitting by the front door, and i'm bored. i still have another hour or so before we leave. so, goodbye america, goodbye new york, see you at christmas.

buon giorno italia !!!
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[Aug5th | 12:10am ]
kisses wants an update, i want a new layout. i guess she wins.

i do not know where to begin!

the girls:
so weird how we haven't even been friends a month; yet, as kristen and i were saying, we're going to be so sad come end of the summer when we have to say goodbye. our revenge prank after the saran-wrapped cars was so well organized and then it backfired, more or less. but we will retaliate with a bigger and better one. these prank wars are like fff's 'f'-ings of senior year all over again. and god knows we've mastered that.

and the city the other day was fabulous. i can't believe how i go to school right on broadway, but managed to avoid the bulk of its stores for an entire school year. i really had a one-track mind that led me straight to h&m or urban and back again. but then again, i really only spent the bulk of my money the other day at urban anyway. oh well.
and sephora, my love. "it's WHEAT."
end tuesday.

i leave in twenty-five days and i am so anxious but so excited at the same time. whenever i see pictures of florence, or am just talking about it, i get giddy. however, i'm terrified for that last week where i have to manage to narrow down a semester's worth of stuff into two suitcases. it just isn't possible. i go away for two days and i pack for two weeks. now i have to shove a SEMESTER's worth of stuff into a couple suitcases? dear lord.

okay. i'm bored with this and i've become boring as well. bye.

omg. HUGE edit:
so for the past month or so, we [deidre, maureen, and i] had had plans to out to dinner. deidre was away on tour during my birthday, and wanted to go out to eat for a belated celebration. she had called me awhile back to make sure i was free and all, and everything was set.
so we're at kt's grad party saturday evening, it's rounding 7pm, and moe and i take off to meet up with dee.
we head down ocean parkway, as i am told the restaurant is in freeport. passing the jones beach theatre, deidre goes "wow there's a lot of people there" and this is where i play right into the plan. i roll down my window to try and hear who's playing, but i can't. deidre then decides to swing it around and pass again for a second time. however, this time she pulls into the parking lot and asks a parking attendant who's playing.
"oh, the backstreet boys,"
i burst into laughter, thinking that it's so perfect that the one time we're actually curious, it turns out to be them.
but amidst my laughing fit, deidre turns to me and says, "THIS is what we're doing tonight. we're seeing the backstreet boys.'
i now scream in laughter, and immediately revert to my 14 year old self. the entire night was incredible, and i couldn't stop my "i can't believe i'm ACTUALLY here right now." and you know what? it was a GOOD concert.
i couldn't have been more surprised and it couldn't have been a better birthday gift.
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[Jul17th | 7:36pm ]
mariah carey is playing from greggy's room right now. hah.

his party yesterday/last night was.... fun? what i remember of it?
i would like to sincerely apologize for my actions, although i really don't remember a good 70% of them. but i do feel embarassed now, i think. i know there was a good period of time that i was having a lot of fun [dad hasn't stopped making fun of the dancing on the counter incident]; the party was a very good time, but at some point the alcohol hit hard and everything went downhill. i think that just about everyone there saw me sick.
i think i owe maureen and kristen my life for taking care of me for so long, and also for managing to change me out of my bathing suit and into clothes.
i never thought i'd be that drunk in my own house. but whatevs.


i would now like to document the inception of the mega hunnies (even though danielle and i are still resistant to the name). all these guys have been telling us how random it is for us to be hanging out so much so quickly, and yeah it is random and really quick, but we have BONDED and i love them. we have finally combatted the 5 to 1 ratio of guys to girls in each of our groups of friends, and now there are actually a decent number of girls.
i'm so excited i feel like i should be saying a lot more about it, but that's kind of all there is to it.
i just think it's really funny how both groups of girls have been intimidated by the other at one point or another, but now we're all like, bff.


the end.
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[Jun21st | 12:19am ]
[ mood | effing cold ]

went to mgm and epcot today. i think that each time i've been on it, they've increased the number of drops on the tower of terror by at least one or two.

the pouring rain slowed us down a bit, but we still managed to get through all the countries of epcot, and we did it in about two hours.

mmm that's all i have to say!

i'm about ready to come home i think. i'm sorta bored down here. i love my grandparents and all, just there's really not too much to do...


okay. bye.

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[Jun18th | 11:38pm ]
[ mood | content ]

grandpa has a RANDOM compilation cd that he's been playing in his car.

mmmkay, i'm in florida. last time i was down here vising my grandparents was all of seven years ago. a 13 year old is much more content sitting around not doing much than a 20 year old who's used to going out for the night right about now.

but i've been entertained enough. grandpa is funny. ie quote of the day, while walking around st. petersburg bay earlier tonight:
"we're not slaves here, we don't have to walk on the street. get on the sidewalk."
he used different wording i think, and perhaps it was funnier at the time, now that i read it back to myself.

ahem. anyway. we may go to disney one day while i'm here, so that will be fun. when is disney world not?

i suppose i'll be updating in here somewhat often in the next few days so as to keep myself entertained and my bedtime at least some minutes past 11:30pm.

i've read about 200 pages in my book today. so that's productive. and grandpa and i saw batman begins last night, so i'm not completely oblivious to pop culture right now.

right. okay. farewell.

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[May9th | 12:17am ]
this room is infused with loneliness.
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[May6th | 8:47pm ]
i'm writing in this out of sheer boredom.

4 classes are done and out of the way, one more final until summer.

it's strange how college changes things so much. two years ago i was in the prime of a senior's life. i was worried and stressed over prom and ap's but also having the time of my life basking in senioritis.

now i'm dealing with taking care of tons and tons of paperwork so i can go to florence in the fall.

and life is still good and fun, but in a totally different way than it was only two years ago.

i'm torn between being excited about the year ending, and leaving manhattan to spend the entire summer home. as time passes, other things evolve with it. our friends aren't what they used to be, and our lives aren't either. we're growing up now and it's scary as hell.

but summer is summer. and that's enough of a reason to be excited.
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come see our big clock. [Mar18th | 10:52pm ]
[ mood | jet lagged ]

london was incredible.
i was on vacation for a week with my favorite people in the entire world and had an amazing time. no recount of the trip could do it an ounce of justice.
we have about 700 pictures, at least. possibly more. they do slight justice.

except looking at them doesn't help my post-trip depression.

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weeee [Nov10th | 12:28am ]
haven't even attempted any kind of update in a real long time. and i've never taken the time to fill out a survey, so why not now. plus i'm bored as hell and a damn good procrastinator.

here you go. love, maureenCollapse )

ps. i'll have maureen put this into an lj cut for me tomorrow since i am lj inept.
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[Sep14th | 3:20pm ]
[ mood | touched ]

there's a lot of walking when you live in nyc. and a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to watch people.

along with all the messed up things that go on in this city, there are still a lot of kind, good-hearted people.

i saw a delivery man go out of his way today to help an old lady who was walking down the street towards an apartment building. he opened the door for her and helped her inside.

on two separate occasions i've passed an old couple walking down the street, in their 80s at least. and both couples i passed were holding hands. i wanted to cry, it made me so happy. i hope that that can be me someday, still in love enough to want to be holding his hand while out for a just a walk.

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day 4. [Aug31st | 11:50pm ]
i think that there are perpetual smiles on both maureen's and my faces. "i can't belive we live here" has come out of either of our mouths at least a hundred times already.

tonight we went down to campus for some welcome week stuff, but ended up going to none of it. instead we sat in starbucks for awhile, and then went over to washington square park where there was some sort of peace movement going on, a scary man was imitating maureen while she was on the phone with her aunt, and a group of people were singing rufus wainwright.
since it was so nice out, we decided to walk back to our building with a stop on the way at the strand to buy some books to add to the library in our room.

THEN. as we were passing union square on our way uptown again, we saw a line of mounted patrol cops and then another line of officers on foot running towards union square. being the rubbernecks we are, of course we followed to see what was going on.
apparently someone was shaking the police barracades. i don't know. but it was really exciting. there were a lot of reporters and photographers and helicopters overhead.
however, since maureen and i were a little scared and didn't really know what was going on exactly, we spent the half hour there holding hands. as we were walking over to go see a group of chanting, some black guy goes, "wowww, i didn't know beautiful girls got down like that." haha.
too bad we didn't have maureen's camera with us tonight.

we did some more nyc exploring and now we're back.

also. i don't know how well-equipped maureen and i are for living in manhattan. as much fun as we're having, we seem to keep making idiots of ourselves many times a day, but we're slowly learning.

my most recent:
our feet were hurting when we got back here tonight, so we both wanted to soak them in the tub [we seem to be doing this every night]. at first i was just running water, but maureen told me to fill up the tub a bit. for reasons unbeknownst to myself, i pulled the shower knob rather than the drain plug and got myself soaked. we both just about peed ourselves we were laughing so hard.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Aug27th | 11:59am ]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

christina: hello?
maureen: hi. um, what room number are you again?
c: um, 313 i think, why?
m: uhh, tina, i'm your roommate.

what is going ON.

through a rather strange series of events, room mix-ups, and multiple roommate situations, maureen and i have now been assigned as roommates. completely unplanned and completely by accident.

and we move in tomorrow.

i CANNOT wait.

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so let go [Aug23rd | 7:42pm ]
[ mood | anxious ]

in five days i will be living in manhattan. so many emotions are running through me that i can't even decide how i feel about it.

but i do know that whatever i'm feeling at any given moment, that emotion is laced with excitement.

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unexpected [Aug20th | 1:37am ]
[ mood | giddy ]

we pull into the borders parking lot. we both gasp and deidre says, "wait, why did you just do that..."
i point across the street over to the sports plus parking lot where there is a CARNIVAL.
"okay, good."
and we go.

deidre and i spent $4 solely for the zipper. one ride. and it was worth every penny. that carnival brought back such memories of middle school summer nights and the inifinite number of carnivals we've gone to in the past. of course we both screamed at the top of our lungs the entire ride. we must have sounded as though we were being murdered.

that was the highlight of my night.

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don't say you didn't hear us calling [Aug8th | 8:22am ]
[ mood | awake ]

nothing could have made me happier driving home from laguardia at 7am on a sunday morning than culture club blasting through the car. despite the immensity of the ford expedition, and the fact that i can't drive it for shit, i think this morning was somehow elating. i miss being 4 years old and going on road trips, unintentionally memorizing all of boy george's lyrics.

so mom and dad are on their way to bermuda and we're home alone for 4 days.

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[Jul31st | 3:24pm ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well my parents flipped out and decided not to let greg and me drive up to boston for dispatch. my mom pulled a "we let you do everything you want. let this go." lexie called a little while ago from the hatch shell to see if i was there and sadly i am not. this sucks.

so, since i have nothing better to do, this will keep me occupied. kinda funny because i barely have more than 20 people on my friends list.

pick ANY 20 lj users on your friends list and say something about them, without revealing their names.

1. some of my favorite nights were spent at your house. there's something very unique about you and you've always been able to make me smile.
2. we have funny memories. vs4e. ;)
3. i have gone back and forth from loving you like no other, to hating you with everything i have. i think we have a stronger relationship because of that. we don't talk so much anymore, but when it comes down to it, i think you are one of the closest friends i've ever had.
4. one night comes to mind and all i can do is laugh.
5. i think you are my best friend. we have a very unique friendship and i'd be a completely different person if not for you. i know i don't show it much [and neither do you], but i love you.
6. you may act random, but that's why i adore you. i wish you weren't so hesitant to be around certain people and didn't avoid them. you have great character and i know we'll stay close for a long time.
7. i think i messed up our friendship this summer and i'm so sorry for that. the longer i avoid it, the worse i make it. i hope that in the near future i'm able to fix it and we can go back to the way we were. i miss you.
8. my most vivid memory is when i had a sleepover in 2nd grade for my birthday and we took my sister's toys to create some kind of carnival in my den. i don't know why our brains work together the way they do. you're one of my best friends and i'm so glad that senior year brought us back together. ...along with the rest of our f's. :)
9. i've been feeling slighted by you lately, and so do others. i feel like you don't like me anymore, as though i'm not good enough for you.
10. you called me 'sweet baby cakes' last night.
11. i feel very much in the middle of a friendship that has been falling apart. i think that sometimes you can be unintentionally condescending and don't realize that it hurts when you are.
12. we share common experiences and have been able to bond over them. i'm grateful for that.
13. mrrrrrrrow.
14. we don't talk or see each other much, but some of your best friends are also some of my best friends. i don't know if you're nice to me out of obligation and/or formality, or if it's sincere.
15. ::ring:: "i see you." "oh?" "come over to my car. bye"
16. i don't like that there are some things we can't talk about because it would be awkward. it creates a bit of a barrier. but you've always been there for me and i love you for it. you're like a sister to me.
17. you pushed me off the couch in the midst of your freaking out over a bug in your basement.
18. you get half credit for coming up with 'steena.' we haven't spoken in aaaages. i miss you, peg.
19. i've liked you and i've not liked you.
20. when you're around, your presence is known. i think that you have made me cry from laughter every time i've seen you.

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[Jul29th | 7:15pm ]
[ mood | ugly, apparently ]

this morning as my class and i were sitting around the table waiting for all the kids to get there, elizabeth taps me on the arm and goes "you're pretty."
i now adore her.

about a half hour into the lesson, all 8 of my kids were out of the pool sitting on the side because they were too cold. i got out and we went over to sit in a circle to discuss pool rules. john [elizabeth's brother] asks where we're going and i tell him we're going to talk for a little while.
his reply: "are we going to talk about how ugly you are?"
shot down.

montauk this weekend was alright. it would have been better if the sun hadn't waited until 3pm sunday afternoon to come out, but oh well. ronnie was cute sleeping on the beach all day in his sweatshirt.

oh, and also to ronnie's enjoyment, i almost got killed twice in the ocean saturday afternoon. and my bathing suit took half of the seaweed and sand out with me. i later donated it to the hotel pool.

deidre and i went back out on tuesday and the weather was cold and rainy yet again. the car rides were good though. i now understand how easy it is to fall asleep at the wheel. very scary.

and finally-- garden state is amazing.

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[Jul19th | 9:14pm ]
[ mood | hurt ]

sometimes there just aren't words.

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smithtown landing country club [Jul16th | 8:27pm ]
[ mood | calm ]

today was entertaining.
i spent the beginning of my third lesson at landing arguing with my class. it started when 6-yr-old alicia told me i was a grown up. i asked her how old a grown up was and she told me 26. i then asked her to guess how old i was and the entire class started yelling out ages from 15 to 47. they did say that 19 wasn't a grown up, but alicia told me that since i'm a teacher, i must be a grown up. that made enough sense, so i just agreed with her.
but then they started insisting that i was married. and when i asked where my ring was, they told me that i just wasn't wearing it.

at the time, it was all really cute and really really funny.

and then there's kristen's kid brittany in her morning class that sings 'twinkle twinkle little star' so incredibly high and so incredibly vibrato-ed. she says she doesn't take lessons; "it's all in the voice" she says.

some of these kids are absolutely insane.
despite all the complaining i do about getting up so early every morning and having to coax these kids into a freezing cold pool as they tell me my lips are blue, i absolutely love my job.

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