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CLé / Zion's Journal!

The Wonderful World of Michael

12 October
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playing hot games with the great DANE, karaoke with DANIELLE, cle/pirate king-ness with EMILIA, NELD with JOE PEZ, madtv and ms swan with ED, ZIIIOOOONNNN baby with KATH, looking at hot people with ANG! and many other wonderful things i do with my life.

Jennifer is frizzy-haired pink-dressed love.

Twins are love

Will is love

I DESPISE WILL - HE'S SUCHA FUCKING PUSSY HYPOCRITICAL CUNT. His fag hags Nakomis, Karen and Diane suck molto hard, also.

Drew is love

M. Night Shyamalan's The Village Is Romantic Love

Project DNA is BB5 Themed Love

The Spice Girls Are Girl-Powered | Get The Code

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aim, alicia keys, america's next top model, american food, american idol, asians!, attractive female minorities, avril lavigne-hate, avril sucks, award shows, bagels, beach, being czechoslovakian, being happy, big band, black, black female comedians, black female singers, blankets & comforters, blindness, blue, boobies, broadway, camile velasco, candies & chocolate, cheese!, chicken!, chilling around, chips ahoy =], christmas, comedians, comfyness, cookie dough, cooking, coyote ugly, dancing!, days off from school, deafness, diana degarmo, dvds, dwarfism, eating, education, family, fantasia barrino, food, food network, friends, getting a job, giada de laurentiis, girls, giving advice, hairgel, halloween, hilary duff sucks, hilary duff-hate, holidays, hot chocolate, ice cream, individuality, italian food, jennifer hudson, kath's boobs, kelly clarkson, kimberley locke, last comic standing, late night tv, latoya london, laughing, learning, legally blonde, light rain, livejournal =], love, mad tv, martha stewart!, me =], mexican food, minorities, mint ice cream, mountain dew: code red, movies, mrs. loaiza's tacos, msn, music, musicals, my bed, my computer, my guinea pig, my house, my jacuzzi, my penish =], my pool, non-comformists, nostalgia, not another teen movie, ocean, old disney movies, old school anything, old school nickelodeon, oldie songs, orange, over-analyzing shit, parties, pasta!, people, petite girls, plays, porn!!!, power rangers, pus - mwahah, rachael ray, radio, reality tv contestants, religion!, retro shit, road rules, roller coaster tycoon, saracasm, saturday mornings, scary movie trilogy, school, showering, singing!, sleep, smiling, some video games, southpark, spice girls, stand-up comedians, straight edge, summer, sunny days, supercuts!, survivor, survivorsucks on ezboard, swimming, tamyra gray, television, the italian language, the real world, the ring, the sanctuary, the sims, theater arts, time off from school, trenyce, vacations, vagina!, white pizza