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[10 Mar 2006|03:36am]
I had stopped by Olivia's shop for some music, meeting up with an old friend that Jordana had sent to cover Olivia in the shop. While reminiscing, I couldn't get my mind off of Sara. So I excused myself and I went to the florist, getting two dozen white roses. I had made my entire apartment into a tranquil perfect-date enviornment. White tablecloths, white slipcovers over my furniture and the roses in a crystal vase on my coffee table. I had one of the local boys carry my grocery order home for me which included all of the enchilada ingredients, three cases of pepsi and ice cream.

I wanted to make an impression. I didn't want this night to be all about sex and I wanted her to forget the past week, remember only the good stuff between us. I changed into a short black skirt and a white sparkling halter. The skirt wasn't quite a dress but it was the closest I was getting to it. I had showered and made sure I was smelling nice for the lady, but my efforts seemed to go to waste when I slaved over the stove making enchiladas. It caused my hair which I spent an hour straightening to curl again, my make-up to smear and a little bit of sweat.

The pressures of cooking a good meal. I rushed to finish, noticing the clock and it's close proximity to 9 pm. I ran back to the bathroom, rescuing what hottness I could.
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[08 Mar 2006|02:07am]
After Michelle left I still felt shitty. I showered, trying to get every toxin out of my system and off my body. But it was unsuccessful. Sara and Michelle both plagued my mind, my senses. Sara was so sad and Michelle was so angry. I was unsure of who I wanted to go and comfort, they both pulled on me so much.

But seeing as I had no car and the last time Michelle was angry with me she knocked me out, I settled for a short walk to Sara's porch. There were beer bottles everywhere. She had done some serious drinking. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my track jacket, kicking some bottles out of the way and wakling to the door. I hesitated a moment before knocking on the door a little loudly.

With any luck, she'd be passed out and couldn't hear me at the door. Then I could escape and know that alteast I tried.
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Saturday Night - The club [08 Jan 2006|03:18am]
I was excited to finally go out with Michelle. She had a rough day with Olivia and the process of her moving out including screaming and the flying of objects across the house. I wanted to go out in public so I suggested the new Salsa club that opened up right outside of town. I figured it'd be far away if Olivia did happen to stop sulking and come out of her apartment.

I rub Michelle arm, grinning. The music was loud, so I had to lean in to whisper in her ear. "Finish that drink and dance with me."
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tuesday morning - outside the police station [02 Jan 2006|02:43am]
I didn't want to interrupt her at work, so I did what I had done the first night, I sat on the hood of her car. I hadn't heard from her since she left Olivia's on New Years and I was a little miffed about it. I was prepared to wait, but the longer I was waiting the more pissed I got. I was already half way through my pack of cigarettes.

I could swear she knew I was here already, and she was just avoiding me.
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Saturday/Sunday - Late Night/Early Morning [23 Dec 2005|12:29am]
I didn't really move from the couch since she left. I laid down, sat up, curled up, but didn't sleep. I couldn't. I felt as though through all that shit, I had hurt her. I felt terrible.

It was different.

So I swept up the glass, and tried to calm down by showering. Now it was rounding 4 am, and I was back on the roof, staring at her house. "Fuck it." I stood, my bare feet on the roof tiles. I wore a tank top and plaid pajama pants, but I didn't care. I walked right down the stairs and over to her house to her door.

Knocking loudly, I lean on the house. I just needed to ask her something.... regardless of the time.
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Saturday Afternoon - Outside the Station [22 Dec 2005|07:33pm]
I had been planning all day on how to avoid the Sheriff, but catch the deputy's eye. I had dreamed up scenarios that included me running a car into something (but that wouldn't work since I didn't have a car, tagging some buildings (didn't want to really be a felon) or breaking some windows (too much effort). So I settled for the easy way, sitting on the hood of her car.

I wanted to torture her. Because that's what she did to me all night. I didn't go to sleep until late, because I thoguht about her. And naturally, after such a hot kiss, there were dreams when I finally did get to sleep.

Taking a drag of my ever-present cigarette, I shake my head. I had never let a woman get to me like this. It was killing me.
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