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I told you, home boy, you can't touch dis!

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Sex Pistol
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  • choleric_@livejournal.com
  • Rasetsukoku IV
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choleric_ is small, angst-filled, random, vulgar, and cute. Just like Kyo! She also tends to be a bit of a hypocrite at times. She spends her free time drawing, writing, making graphics, coding layouts, and occasionally eating and sleeping. She is 16-years-old, and prefers not to give a name to her sexual preference. She likes who she likes -- male or female -- but she doesn't consider herself bisexual at this point in her life. She is very loyal to and protective of her friends, whom she loves very dearly.

Also? One day she will fuck your parents. Just like Kyo!

choleric_ is best known for:
+ Her comic at jrockhumor, Toshiya Discovers Teh Intarnetz!1.
+ Her discovery of the Inuyasha/FMA conspiracy.
+ Being the founder of the community diexlena.
+ Her graphics (har, I wish).
+ Her Die x Shinya porno tapes that she is currently selling for 29.99 each. You must be age 7+ to call. 1-800-OMG-PR0N.

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Claimed at jrock_bands

wintertokyo and Stardust are my userinfo slaves!
kitty_kelleh /__koroshite_ is my wife!

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Brushes/Textures/Etc.: crumblingwalls booster_rocket ohpaintbrush teh_indy my_wonderful ashke_icons _trendi dearest fuzzy
Simply Brush

Previously: yurameku
We are the dancing queenz plz
.hack, angel/dust, anime, avenue q, ayumi hamasaki, battle royale, bisexuality, black, blink 182, blue seed, boa, bondage, boogiepop phantom, buffy the vampire slayer, card captor sakura, ccs, chobits, clamp, clarinet, coffee cakes, couplings, crying, darkness falls, diabolo, die x lena, digimon, dir en grey, do as infinity, drawing, easy bake, easy bake oven, evanescence, fan fics, fanfiction, final fantasy, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, fox/collin, friendly hostility, gackt, gakuen alice, gakuhai, gazette, good charlotte, greek mythology, gwen stefani, harry potter, hellsing, hentai, hide, him, hyde, inuyasha, invader zim, jack off jill, japanese, japanese culture, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, jpop, jrock, kana, kill bill, kingdom hearts, koda kumi, l'arc~en~ciel, lenore, lina savicheva, linkin park, lirael, malice mizer, mana, manga, masturbation, megatokyo, meine liebe, michelle branch, minimoni, miyavi, moi dix mois, moon child, music, nichya, nightmares & fairytales, ninja scroll, plastic tree, pocky, poetry, puffy amiyumi, red, ren & stimpy, rentrer en soi, ringu, role-play, roman dirge, romance, rurouni kenshin, sabriel, sailor moon, samurai, samurai x, scarling, see-saw, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, simple plan, slash, smash!, sol bianca, stick figures, sugarcult, t.a.t.u., tatu, tears, teen titans, the nightmare before christmas, the phantom tollbooth, the ring, tokyo babylon, tsubasa resevoir chronicle, utada hikaru, velvet eden, visual kei, w-inds, writing, x, x japan, xxxholic, yaoi, yuri

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