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._. - MC BIANCA — LiveJournal
I told you, home boy, you can't touch dis!
Brent Wilson, Panic! At The Disco's bassist, isn't in the band anymore. A little piece of me just died.


There really isn’t a good way to say this, and it was a decision that was very tough to make, but feels like it will be the right decision for everyone. We regret to inform you that Brent is no longer a part of Panic at the Disco, and although this choice does feel very healthy, he is a great friend of ours and he will definitely be missed. We all wish him well and the best of luck in everything he wants to do in the future.The last few years will be something we will never forget, all the places we’ve been that we never thought we’d go and things we’ve seen that we thought we’d never see when we started this band.

Right now our friend jon is going to be filling in, and I’m sure it would ease his nerves a bit to get a warm reception. We’re at home preparing for the summer tour, and we’ve never worked so hard on putting something together. I can’t tell you how excited we are for these shows and for you all to see what we’ve been planning, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves…just you wait.

- panic

<3 Brent. Michelle and I were actually worrying about this this morning.I seriously loved him to death. Out of all of the other members, even though I adore Ryan, Brendon, and Spencer, he seemed the most sincere to me. Like he really wouldn't let himself get caught up in the whole rockstar-scene. He was an awesome bassist, and I hope he does well outside of Panic!, in whatever he chooses to do.

It's going to suck when I see them this June. It just won't be right without Brent there. I want to see Panic! At The Disco, with Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Brent. Not Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and their friend/filler, Jon. I don't wanna seem like a bitch; I'm sure Jon's a good bass player and all. But Brent... I got attatched to him, man. That's like Toshiya leaving Diru to me.

Excuse me as I go be emo in a corner now.

Current Mood: depressed depressed
Current Music: Panic! At The Disco - Camisado

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wintertokyo From: wintertokyo Date: May 18th, 2006 11:01 am (UTC) (Link)

Man I wish I could have gotten my Panic! tickets. >:O Why couldn't they have taken paypal.. x(
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