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I told you, home boy, you can't touch dis!
Meh. Too lazy for a real update.

So I rough drafted Nevet's first encounter with INNEJ. Because I was bored.

"Give'im hell, INNEJ."

The words were not foreign to her ears, but they offered little comfort as she watched the snake watch her. The sinful serpent's eyes bore into her's, and while she felt the faintest prick of cold form in her heart from the gaze, fear did not come with it. She'd grown cocky in her time in Death, and rightfully so, for what had she to fear? Certainly not a crystal-eyed snake with a cruelly handsome face. She saw her reflection at the puddles of blood that surrounded him, and gave a wry, yet confident smile.

She waltzed towards him, easily avoiding the pools of red that stained the floor, not wanting to get her boots dirty. She was in no mood for a long fight; she'd jump, snatch, snap and it would be over. The scenario in her mind was perfect, her movements flawless, and the reality before her that was the snake did not look to be a very grim one. A false God -- the word "false" was all she needed to hear. She'd never fought one before, but she imagined it to be no harder than perhaps a fight with Aubrey, if not easier. After all, this sly snake was not packing a lazer beam in either arm.

The snake smiled; a chilling action that made her pause, though only for a moment. She stopped a few feet away from him, relaxing her slim form, readying herself mentally for any attack he may have been planning. The snake did not move.

"Nice outfit," he commented, in a soft, almost sultry tone, laced with venom. Not quite like Ellehcim's, but close. Ellehcim's lacked the masculinity, and held more menace. When she did not respond, he continued. "You gonna show me a good time?"

She smiled faintly. "The best time," she said simply, before pouncing.

Her arms met his, and she felt a flicker of surprise at the fact he could manage to stand his ground after the force of impact. Shaking it off, she pushed against him, only to have him push back, keeping her eyes locked with slitted, grey-blue orbs. Finding that she could not push him back by brute strength, she moved back one arm and swung it forward, the underside of her wrist connecting with his jaw. His head jerked to the side with the blow, and she used this to her advantage, pushing up the elbow of the arm that was still pressed against his, knocking his head upwards. She gave a hard shove, before slamming her knee into his stomach. He doubled over, as she had expected, and her left foot found it's way to his temple.

His head flew to the side, his body following suit, and he stumbled slightly. She followed, about to kick him again, only to be greeted by a hand catching her ankle and yanking her forward. She lost her balance and slid backwards, the back of her head slamming into the hard ground. Upon closing and re-opening her eyes, she saw the snake above her right before he grabbed a hand full of her hair and yanked her up onto her knees. His foot came crashing down onto her face, knocking her back again as he released her hair and she fell back onto the ground with a grunt. The serpent paused.

His mistake.

INNEJ, as the world's most advanced cyborg, was inhumanly resilient, and in the mere seconds he spent watching her as she lay sprawled on the ground, she was up again, ramming into his stomach. He stumbled back, surprised, and she came at him again. Jumping up, her hands fell upon the top of his head and she pushed him down, slamming his face into her up-pushed knee, before shoving the toe of her boot into his gut, shoving him back even further. She landed in a squatting position before pushing herself towards him once more. This time, however, she was not given the chance to attack, for his fist came crashing into her exposed face. She was knocked back a few feet, gathering her senses, before focusing on him again.

The snake was smiling cockily, with more confidence in his eyes than she imagined she had herself. In the back of her mind, she cursed Acnaib. Why hadn't the mouse hybrid told her he wouldn't be an easy kill?

Or maybe you were just underestimating him, an inner voice scolded. She agreed with it, clenching her fists. No more playing around.

The snake spoke again, and she found herself hating his voice. "They ever tell you my name?"

She kept herself focused, eyes narrowing. "No," she spat.

"Nevet," he told her, his smile widening. "I bet they told you I was a false God, though."

"You're talking too much," she said flatly, about to jump at him again. But he continued.

"But did they tell you Ashas made me herself?"

She stopped, only for a moment as that chill returned to her heart. She licked her lips, covering up the suddenly growing fear in her stomach with indifference. "So?"

"I don't usually ever hit girls," drawled Nevet, as his stance became more relaxed. "But I don't have much of a choice here, do I?"

"It doesn't matter." She flashed him an smirk, her confidence slowly, but surely returning. "I'll still take you down."

"You promised me the best time I've ever had," he reminded her, jokingly. Her smirk faded, a scowl replacing it.

"You'll wish I'd never promised you anything when I'm done with you."

She ran forward, and dropped down, swinging her leg out to hit the back of his legs and bring him to the ground. He jumped forward though, just as she reached him, landing gracefully a few yards away, his back to her. She saw her opening and took it, just as he was turning. Her fist met his face with a blow that she put all of her strength into and he went flying to the other side of the room, hitting the stone wall with such force that she could swear that she heard his spine break. She must have been mistaken though, because when he slid down the wall, he was on his feet in an instant, and she quickly ran over to finish the job.

He backed away from her, staying close to the wall, only to rush away from it when she jumped up, pressing her boots against it for a nano-second and kicking herself off again into an airial flip. She landed as easily as a cat and pursued him like a hawk as he continued moving away from her. A smile formed upon her chapped lips. Now she had him where she wanted him.

"What's wrong?" She asked, when he was pressed up against the wall on the other side of the room. She slowed her steps dramatically, looking like a hungry tiger, about to capture it's prey. "Scared?"

There was no fear in his eyes, and this fact bothered her, before she began to get angry. She shoved herself forward, slamming into him, so that they were in the same position they'd been in when the fight began, arm against arm. They shoved simultaneously for a few moments before he gave a sudden push of strength she hadn't known he'd posessed, following up by kicking her in the stomach. Surprised, she stumbled back, and he kicked her again, before throwing himself upon her. She hit the ground, the wind momentarily knocked out of her from his weight, and he grabbed her hair, pulling her head towards him and then slamming it back down onto the ground. He repeated the action for a few seconds before lifting himself up, keeping a strong hold on the long, dark locks, and dragging her across the floor.

Her hands raised, grabbing at his wrists, attempting to get him to release his hold. He did not comply, and she found herself being lifted up by her hair and spun around. She let out a sharp cry as the spinning became faster and she was tossed, slamming into wall. If she'd still been fully human, she imagined stars would have been dancing before her eyes, instead of binary code. She fell forward, out of the imprint she'd made in the wall, and hit the ground with a loud grunt, attempting to raise herself up onto her elbows. She could hear him moving towards her and swore under her breath, readying herself.

No more playing around.

He reached her. Her hands became encased with a black-white glow.

When she sprang, she was like a beast. Snarling, gnashing teeth, and pinning him to the ground. She didn't give him a chance to retaliate, or even try to throw her off, before her glowing hands separated his head from his body. The head rolled away, and the body went still, as she sat there, breathing heavily, the glow finally fading. She got onto her feet and moved away from his body, twisting her face is disgust as she stared down at his headless form before turning away and starting off.

"Mission complete," she mumbled.

"Oh, hey!" Acnaib's voice chirped in her head. "You're finished? Oh, kay, so I don't have to tell you what Mama says."

INNEJ frowned. "Ellehcim? What's she say?"

"Something about regeneration or something?"

INNEJ stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes widened. "...what?"

"You know how some animals, if you cut off one part of them, it'll grow back, or they can connect back to it? She mentioned something about that, but I wasn't really listening anyway. Oh well. You got the job done either way, right?"

She briefly closed her eyes, and sucked in a breath. When she opened them, she turned.

Nevet's body, and his head, were both gone.



"...when I get back, I'm gonna kill you."

A giggle. "Aw, you always say that!"

INNEJ rolled her eyes. "I'll talk to you later." She mentally severed the connection and looked around for her opponent, taking slow, cautious steps. The room was filled with an eerie silence and she had to force herself to focus in it. "Nevet?" She called out. "Hiding now? C'mon, be a man."

They was the unmistakable hiss of a snake and she turned to see where it was coming from. She saw nothing though, and a paranoia began to form in the pit of her chest. She called out again, "Come out, already. Take your butt-kicking like a man!"

"You're the one that's shaking," he said from somewhere and she realized that she was. She forced herself still.

"Shut up!" She snapped. "I hope you put your ugly face on backwards!"

"I think my face is pretty damn sexy."

Hands grabbed her from behind and she found herself on the ground, on her stomach. Something was shoved into her back -- a fist, she realized -- going through her and coming out on the otherside. Damage Error flashed before her eyes in big, red letters. She felt her insides -- both human and mechanical -- being pulled out. She felt an odd hottness inside of her, as if the mechanical bits that were left were melting. Acnaib's voice rang in her ears.

"INNEJ? What's going on?"

His hand came out of her back and she blinked slowly, the bright letters that blinked before her eyes becoming even brighter, but more blurry. She felt his fingertips on the back of her head and heard a sizzling, as if her hair was being burned on. His free hand touched her face, stained with his own blood, from various cuts that her metal casing had done. His blood was grey and when he touched her face, it hissed and she felt her skin melt beneath it.

His blood was acid.

"Next time you fuck with me," he hissed, his breath hot on her ear. "I'll kill you. Understand?"

With that, he shoved his acid-coated hand into her skull.

. . . BiOcIdE . . .


Darkness. Binary coding. Power.

"INNEJ, open your eyes."

She did as she was told and saw Yatvoi standing above her, expression unreadable. The vesper suddenly smiled, seeing that she was alright.

"You took a real bad beating there. I knew I should have upgraded you before I sent you."

INNEJ blinked, confused for a moment, before remembering the fight. Her eyes widened, then narrowed. "...how did he beat me?" She managed weakly. "He's... he's not even a God."

"No," said a voice from the other side of the room. She turned her head to see Ellehcim leaning against the wall, Acnaib by her side. "But he may as well be. He's got all of the powers that we do. What he did to you was only a taste of what he can do."

The cyborg breathed a pained sigh and closed her eyes. "I'll have to fight him again, won't I?"

"Yes," Ellehcim said with a nod. "But you'll be stronger then. Yatvoi is doing some major changes to your design. You'll be better."

A frightening thought entered her mind. Her voice was small. "...but what if he's stronger too?"

The Goddesses exchanged looks before Ellehcim answered. "Then you'll kill him anyway."

. . . BiOcIdE . . .

He washed his hands thorougly, watching as the water rinsed away the offending thick, grey substance that stained them. He allowed himself a faint smile before turning off the water and snatching up a few napkins, drying his hands. When he was done, he examined the scars which had already begun to heal, his smile widening with satisfaction.

"Piece of cake," he murmured to himself. He picked up his bag then and left the restroom, looking forward to his next run-in with Death's cyborg.

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