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I told you, home boy, you can't touch dis!
Fic time!
Quick Anneliese fic. :o I swear, she isn't usually this scary. She's actually a really kind person.

...but you wouldn't know that if you'd just been reading this and I hadn't told you. xD

For violent_aki. Because I <3 her.

Title: Feast
Author: Me
Pairing: None
Rating: R
Summary: The monster's smile widened, exposing pearly white teeth. "Welcome to the Nightmare," she said, her voice made of the finest silk. "Please enjoy your stay."

All she knew was that everything was blood, blood red.

It was like looking through rose colored glass everywhere she turned her head. She recognized the place -- her room, just as it had been when she'd opened her eyes after an afternoon nap -- but everything was the same deep red and it frightened her beyond words. Blood in general made her queezy, mainly the texture, but she'd never really liked the color red. It had always reminded her of macabre scenes in horror movies, or surgical documenteries that she had to turn her head away from. Either way, the fact that everything was red was far more than unnerving.

She sat up in her blood red bed and looked down at her hands to see if she too had turned red. Her eyes widened and she shrieked.

The normally pale pink lines in her now red hands were bleeding profusely, bubbles of the red liquid coming from them. She wiped them on the bed spread desperately, only to have blood bubble upwards from between the tightly knitted crevices of her blankets. Screaming, she practically leaped out of the bed and hit the ground on her side. For a moment, she lay there, eyes clothed and breathing heavily, her face resting against the smooth, cool ground--

She stopped. Her eyes snapped open. There was carpet in her room.

She discovered immediately that she was no longer in her bed room, but the kitchen. It was also red, and frighteningly quiet. She sniffed, the scent of meat being cooked meeting her nose. Her stomach growled hungrily as she raised herself to her knees, shuddering. Her eyes shifted to the upper cabinets as she realized that they were open. The cabinets were empty, from what she could see, with roaches and maggots of various sizes falling from them and onto the counter beneath them. The counter was covered in pieces of raw, bloody meat, circled by greedy flies. The roaches, however, did not stay with the meat that they landed upon. Instead, they descended down the counters and onto the floor, moving around her like some kind of insect river that never actually touched her. They were all headed in the same direction and she shifted her gaze to see where they were going.

The kitchen had been elongated into two seperate rooms, apparently, for there was another part of it that she did not recognize. A large, blank space with a single chair in the middle, surrounded by roaches that circled it in an almost ritualistic manner. In the chair was a white-skinned woman with long, curly black hair that had no shine. It fell into her face, hiding her eyes, surrounding both her and the chair she sat in. Her black dress swirled around her feet, falling upon the floor like ink, covering her chest, just below her collarbone, leaving what of her white shoulders that wasn't hidden by her hair in view. Her lips were painted as black as her hair and clothing, the corners turned up slightly in a faint smile. She sat there peacefully, hands in her lap, the very incarnation of beauty and horror, surrounded by roaches, rotting meat and blood. In the back of the girl's mind, she imagined the woman before her as some kind of queen. A blood-thirsty, maggot-filled queen; a sickeningly beautiful and royal monster.

The Monster's smile widened, exposing pearly white teeth. "Welcome to the Nightmare," she said, her voice made of the finest silk. "Please enjoy your stay."

Bile bubbled in the back of the girl's throat and she choked down vomit, covering her mouth with her blood-covered hand. Her stomach clenched painfully in hunger and she doubled over, pressing her free hand against it. The pain intensified to the point where it was no longer the feeling of hunger, but the feeling of a million hands shoving their way into the pit of her belly and emptying her out bit by bit. She heard The Monster giggle.

"You look absolutely famished," she commented joyously. "Would you like something to eat?"

The girl wearily eyed the rotting, maggot covered meat on the table and gagged, shaking her head. Without looking, she knew The Monster was standing.

"Oh, don't worry," the ink-maiden cooed. "Those aren't for you. No, I have something special for you, my sweet. Something sweet for a girl so sweet."

A rich, chocolate-like taste assaulted her sense of taste so quickly, she was forced to spit. When she looked down at her saliva on the floor however, she found it not to be chocolate, but many tiny, black spiders. She tried to scream, but more of the chocolate flavored spiders fell from her lips and onto the floor, only to be attacked by the roaches who greedily devoured them. Now the roaches were crawling all over her, eager to get into her mouth for dessert. She flung her arms around hopelessly, falling back onto the ground as the insects covered her, digging into her skin, tearing her apart. As they did, her skin became something else, and so did she. She became nonexistant, and when she closed her eyes, she was sure it was over.

She was sure it was over.

...until she opened them back up.

She was in another red, red room and she hurriedly sat up and felt at her mouth. No spiders came from her parted lips and she breathed a sigh of relief before glancing over to the other side of the room, eyes widening. A few feet away from her was her mother's body, cut in half and spread apart like some kind of dissection. She choked on air as the tears came forward, spilling down her cheeks, sobbing desperately. A soft laugh met her ears and she looked to her side.

The Monster sat on the floor beside her, raised up onto her knees, smiling contently.

"Please enjoy your meal."

The Monster was so close that she could smell the cinnamon on her icy breath, and yet, the girl could not move away. For a moment, she did not understand the words, until she looked back to her mother's body and saw, her stomach lurching.

Only inches away from the corpse of the woman who had given birth to her was a fork and knife.

There was silence and for a moment, she only stared, the sharp pains in her stomach returning. She gasped out, clutching her stomach, sobbing. Her gaze moved to look up at the macabre queen beside her, pleading. The smile on The Monster's face widened.

"P..please," the girl pleaded, hiccuping, her face contorting. "Pl...p...please... p--ple--please..."

The Monster waited patiently for her hiccups to subside so that she could finish her sentence. The girl shook her head, sucking in sharp breaths.

"P--please," she begged. "D--do... don't... don't mm--make... m.. me..."

"Make you do what?" The Monster asked innocently. "This is merely an offer. You don't have to take it."

The pains increased to an almost unbearable level and the girl screamed shrilly, falling forward onto her stomach. Her eyes half opened to look at her mother, the knife and fork holding a silent, deadly invitation. She looked back to The Monster who was grinning by now.

"But do be grateful. Not many would offer such a feast to beautiful garbage like you, little love."

The Monster reached out to cup her face. Her fingers were not cold, but instead hot. So hot that the girl had to draw back with a cry of pain as her face was burnt. The side of her face hit the ground and she lay there for a few moments, sobbing, before the Monster spoke again, her voice a tender, motherly purr.

"You look so hungry, dear. Just a bite?"

To her horror, she found she could not make herself find any choice but to comply.

She crawled towards her mother's body weakly, pushing herself up onto her elbows. Her stomach growled again, though it sounded more like a laugh, as she picked up the knife with a shaking hand. She stopped for only a moment to look back at The Monster, who's wickedly tender smile urged her on. Gulping, she sucked in a sharp breath, wincing at the stench of death that filled her nostrils before she forced herself onto her knees. Staring down at her mother's body, she paused, and then moved the knife.

She closed her eyes as she sliced, unable to bear watching. She had no idea what she was cutting, or how she was cutting it, and didn't care to know. Anything to stop the head-splitting pain in her abdomen... anything to keep the queen pleased. Once she had finished cutting, she opened her eyes only to grab the fork. Sparing The Monster a final glance, she stabbed whatever she had cut with the fork and pulled it from her mother's body. Only then did she look, sickness filling her stomach as she stared down at the bloody meat on the fork, trembling. Part of her mother's liver, perhaps? There was no telling, and she wasn't about to look at the body...

A sharp punch of pain to her stomach and the fork was in her mouth. The bile that came to her mouth as she chewed was like a dying rose blooming.

She fell forward onto her mother's body and was sick all over the floor.


She jerked awake, though her eyes remained closed, vomiting violently, tears streaming down her face. This continued for a few moments, before she had emptied her stomach to the point where nothing else could come up. Afterwards, she fell onto her stomach on the bed in her own mess, gagging. She screamed once, shortly, before falling silent, save the sobs that racked through her body.

A nightmare, she realized. A dream. A horrible, horrible dream. That was all it had been -- nothing more.

Finally, she raised herself and opened her eyes wearily, looking down. Below her was blood red vomit, filled with dead, black spiders.

She screamed until her voice was gone.


Anneliese idly sipped her tea, seated comfortably in her favorite chair, Clytie's sleeping head resting in her lap. She gently stroked the child's head, soothing her with pleasent dreams of candy and warmth and love. Her own black, curly hair spilling over the child's tiny form as she shifted forward a bit to set down her tea cup on a near-by table. After leaning back into her previous position, she smiled.

She kept smiling for the rest of the afternoon.

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violent_aki From: violent_aki Date: January 10th, 2006 03:13 am (UTC) (Link)


It was good though. ♥
choleric_ From: choleric_ Date: January 10th, 2006 03:16 am (UTC) (Link)
xD ♥

Cain gets all the dirty dreams~
violent_aki From: violent_aki Date: January 10th, 2006 04:32 am (UTC) (Link)
I wanna get dirty with Cain :o

Who's POV was this, btw? I'm guessing Anneliese was the Monster, but who was having the dream? Acnaib?
choleric_ From: choleric_ Date: January 10th, 2006 08:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Just a random girl who probably did something to piss Anneliese off. xD
_eiko_ From: _eiko_ Date: January 10th, 2006 09:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
omfg this is so sick O_O

and I love it ♥
dontscrewmeover From: dontscrewmeover Date: January 11th, 2006 01:57 am (UTC) (Link)
So dark, so creepy, so amazing. I love it. :)
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