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I told you, home boy, you can't touch dis!
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Comment to be added and you'll win a FREE XBOX! OMGZ.
Prescence of XBox is not guarenteed.
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new journal. that i will actually update.

add it if you want. <3
Kay, so...

You know that story, Biocide, I'm always talking about?


Now you can find out just what the hell it's about. XDD I still have to add character bios, then story pieces, then eventually start writing the story itself, but this is basically what it is/what it's about.

Also, visit sheis_theone which a community for violent_aki's story, The One.
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Brent Wilson, Panic! At The Disco's bassist, isn't in the band anymore. A little piece of me just died.

Entry by Panic!Collapse )

<3 Brent. Michelle and I were actually worrying about this this morning.I seriously loved him to death. Out of all of the other members, even though I adore Ryan, Brendon, and Spencer, he seemed the most sincere to me. Like he really wouldn't let himself get caught up in the whole rockstar-scene. He was an awesome bassist, and I hope he does well outside of Panic!, in whatever he chooses to do.

It's going to suck when I see them this June. It just won't be right without Brent there. I want to see Panic! At The Disco, with Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Brent. Not Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and their friend/filler, Jon. I don't wanna seem like a bitch; I'm sure Jon's a good bass player and all. But Brent... I got attatched to him, man. That's like Toshiya leaving Diru to me.

Excuse me as I go be emo in a corner now.

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And now, a super short one-shot, focusing around Nevet. This takes place BEFORE Biocide -- Nevet has just broken away from Ashas and, for the last few weeks, has been living with an old friend, Zachary. I don't expect anyone to know what the hell I'm talking about. Read it anyway.

Nevet is part snake, and a false God. You'll need to know that.

In the back of Nevet's mind, he knew it was wrong...Collapse )

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Meh. Too lazy for a real update.

So I rough drafted Nevet's first encounter with INNEJ. Because I was bored.

Biocide drabbleCollapse )

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Quick Anneliese fic. :o I swear, she isn't usually this scary. She's actually a really kind person.

...but you wouldn't know that if you'd just been reading this and I hadn't told you. xD

For violent_aki. Because I <3 her.

Title: Feast
Author: Me
Pairing: None
Rating: R
Summary: The monster's smile widened, exposing pearly white teeth. "Welcome to the Nightmare," she said, her voice made of the finest silk. "Please enjoy your stay."

All she knew was that everything was blood, blood red.Collapse )

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BIARKIE OEKAKI: http://www.biarkie.oekakiart.com

The difference between this oekaki and all the other 58464876 that have been made? It wasn't made because making oekakis are "in", it doesn't have the same farking admins as the others, I'm not going to spam TG.N for members, and I don't expect all the same people to join it when they're already in like 8-10. :) The rules towards cursing, adult images, and etc aren't anywhere near as strict either. The end.

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For Jennifer! 8D


"Withering to death and Clever Sleazoid

Free will has announced that they will be releasing Dir en grey‘s recent album Withering to death at the end of October in France, Germany and the United States.

The album will not be the normal Japanese version but a specially modified version made especially for release outside of Japan. The non-Japan version will include full lyric translation in French, German and English, and a DVD bonus PV (PV depending on country release either “The Final”, “Saku” or “Kodou”) The price is planned to be less than 15 euros/dollars and the CD’s will be sold in regular CD stores as the new release is targeted towards new and future fans rather than existing Dir en grey fans.

Also the band’s CLEVER SLEAZOID PV will be broadcast on MTV (cable/satellite) on Wednesday 21st September."


Also, the next best pairing, beaten by only Die x Lena:

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Goth Love plzkthnx.
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