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1. Comment to be added, obviously.
2. If I add you and you end up (still) being unable to see my entries, that's because I've put them (all :P) under a filter. Comment to say why you should be let in, play nice :D
3. You have been warned that my entries tend to be very silly.
4. When you read, you are reading of your own free will, yes.
5. If I know you from school, I probably won't add you hahaha too bad :P

& that is all for my 5 golden rules. Yay.
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okay so haha this blogging vacation starts officially for 2months from tomorrow, as part of mission101:D Which doesn't include today for obvious reasons, this post is already proof that I blog today T_T Lol :D I chose this time to hiatus partly because it's the 3rd term now, and I need to concentrate on studying as much as possible, because I screwed the previous 2 terms (ie, flunked Math terribly and horribly. Lol, such that even if I half my L1R5 grade score for even just one Maths, I would still be unable to score well). Haha yes its that bad so HAHAHA HIATUSSSSS (: Which I call VACATION because it sounds better and I know of people who call it HOLIDAY and thus HOLIDAY will not be unique anymore! :D Okay and so, hopefully when I come back I have like 10 goals done or something accomplishment-worthy enough to be considered one :D x-posted to mission101, and I hope this works :D Miss me in the meantime haha :]