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Heaven Holds a Sense of Wonder

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  • chipo_@livejournal.com

name Paula
age 21
location Kansas City, that's all you'll ever know
height short
hair color dark...just dark :)
hair style shoulder length and BLAH
eye color blue

I suppose I should describe myself in some way. Well, I love anime and manga and I love to draw. Also a pretty big gamer. I have a clinical addiction to underdogs and pez. Uh...I like clubbing and movies and just sitting at home by myself drawing and listening to Maynard James Keenan call me his Magdalena. Of course, that's all in my head. Not looking for an internet relationship so please don't ask. In fact, don't ask me for any more personal information than what has been given. I don't trust the 'net that much. I...dunno. I'm done. I'm bored and this sucks. By now you're probably not even reading it, are you? .....hello? *waves* Oh... *echoe*