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[20 Feb 2006|06:06pm]

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[15 Sep 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


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Join them and prosper.

Layouyts needed sorting on some.

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WHHHY????!!!!!! [28 Jan 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | meeeeh =( ]

I cant use my deviant art cuz im an idiot........someone help my lame ass!!!

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[28 Jan 2005|05:53pm]

Waaaa!! DELETE!!! ^________^ kya!!!!!! SAD LOOOOOSER!!! ^___________^

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Would it kill you to try ?? [27 Jan 2005|06:08pm]
[ mood | The Onion!!! IT BURNS!!!! ]

Ok...i'm going through this Harry Potter phase...and im loving Draco ever since i read this fanfic..hehe, ive read all of the books through at least 3 times each..and the 4th one is my fave( i've read it 4 times ) Hehe. I.T i was sitting down...doing my coursework...when i hear jelly '' Karis, what've you got to do ???? '' >____> She's so silly... Sick of school...and people, horrible ones...thatdont give up their seats for old people on the bus =shakes fist=...=Dies= Small annoying children. Haha, '' at the end of the day '' LLAMA! Josh, seeing as you keep mentioning me on your journal, i shall have to mention you. $_$ Hello Josh!!!!!! ^______^ This thing just gets more pointless. Speaking of pointless: The best picture ever created by man... And so...Hahahahahaha. My pc hasnt been working right im sadded =sobs= But i guess its ok at the moment. I took the doggeh for a walk with my momma and i saw a nice old man that my mum supposedly talks to when she sees him, going for his annual walk...and she was talking to him..and when he left he said '' thank you for talking to me '' and he went...i wanted to cry..heh... There is a good reason for this lol. And so...yeah...i have nothing much to say... I'm gonna go now ^___^ = loves all =

[24 Jan 2005|07:55pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]



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[24 Jan 2005|07:46pm]
[ mood | high ]

"If you and I were alone in a room right now, what would we be doing?
(Now post this in your LJ, and see what people want to do with you.)"

Cause im a cool kid

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[21 Jan 2005|01:47pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i'm so sick of this crap and i dont care any more...i just wanna sleep for ever. And, says lots of sweeties.
I think im gonna get a tattoo, a nice that reminds me of how much fun i had when i was younger, possibly a nice little samurai pizza cat on my ankle, yes...when i was younger, and everybody liked you and no one thought differently of you because you were tall, or because you were a little bit odd, i miss the old days...
well...this was a random entry...thanks for reading.

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[17 Jan 2005|09:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]

For Dilven!!!
Today was ok...although i got mad...cuz im ill...=gets tummy ache=
For Beth: Aaaaaa Derka Derka Mahamajapa
For Josh: Word To You Llama =Hugs=
Now.....I'm gonna go...

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Team America! [16 Jan 2005|11:59am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

I havent updated in a while...bah - humbug...and the like...
I dont know if it was just my computer yesterday but was anyone elses livejournal down ??
Well, a couple of days ago i had the best day in history...
1. Someone at our bench set the bin on there was smoke and everything...
2. found out i might be going to Taiwan and Hong Kong
3. got right near the front of the que for a jacket potato
4. this kid got hit on the head with a basketball..i know it sounds cruel..but it was like the ball was magnetically drawn to her head
you know...i think thats it...yesterday i went to the cinemas with my closest friends, me beth shelley krishan megan kim and gemma, it was so fun, it was the best time ive had in ages...we went to see team america..we laughed and ate popcorn i had the BIGGEST coke ever =)
i'll update the rest brother finally got out of bed...and we have to go pick the parents up from manchester airport, quality time with kev ^__^ he loves me really..brothers never show any feelings..hehehe, im obsessed with gravitation, no matter which way you look at it...and i dreampt about yuki..>___> it was because i was reading the manga before i went to sleep...that seguchi-sama is a i hate him!!
i'll talk later...right now...going to airport ^___^
p.s - Dilven Chi loves you always =huggles= and me understands

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Sunday [10 Jan 2005|06:26pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

On saturday night i went to bed at 11pm, i didnt get to sleep untill gone 1am, i then had to get up at 2.30am, therefore i only got a SHORT amount of sleep, i had to get up because my brother wanted me to take my parents to manchester airport with him incase he got lost on the way back, which we did, we went the wrong way twice which cost us 50 miles. We got to the airport at about 5am, after we set off at 3am and we didnt get home untill 9am.That sucked.
My mum has left everything in my hands...quite daunting actually...

Change of topic: Kim got me a spongebob Squarepants lunchbag for christmas, but i only got it today because she went to florida over the holidays to get my present,


Also, i took a pic of my Manga and anime collection, the anime is the figures...does that count? I didnt arrange them at all, so you might not be able to see some of the stuff

Great stuff, Why is there a Goose outside my house!!!! I can hear it

Well, back at school, had a great first day, Amazing art lessons first and second period, because i had some sweets from america that kim got for me aswell, and i was really hyper-active off've the sugar, i got jujyfruits, twizzlers<< ( eeeeew ) And some milk duds...<< amazing!! Beth kept making me laugh, as did the reminder of what Shelley got called when we were waiting to go into out exam, Shirly Cockney, actual name, Shelley Cokayne...Stupid teacher...

I'm going to see Good Charlotte at Rock City, In march, and im hoping i can get my ticket, because its selling out fast

I've decided to go...Hehe =Loves All=

Kazzeh xx

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[08 Jan 2005|10:52am]
[ mood | silly ]

I drew a picture of Yuki-san which i put on one of the communtities i joined...wanna see??

So, thats it....

I'm bored and i have to go to my granmas...rrrr

Bye ^____^

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Stooooopid LJ!!!! [06 Jan 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

The reason i havent updated in quite a while is because i fell out with my live journal.....I did the longest update i have ever done and ... i clicked the '' update journal '' button and it said '' the page cannot be displayed '' So...i got mad and closed it.... | _ | Anyway, the over the last few days...

I played on devil may cry for 3 past the bird on the pirate ship ( haha eat that chicken thing!! ) And i got a numb i went elsewhere...I also went down nottingham again, for gravitation 5-7, they're so bloody good =Cries= i dont like seeing yuki cry ;_; It makes me sad, whats worse is when he says goodbye to shuichi ( cant remember what book ) '' Instead i'll leave '' What is that guy on!! ?? But.... =Swoon= Hehe ^___^

I should stop going to bed at stupid hours, like 2 o'clock in the morning, it does nothing for me...Only makes me irritable.. =sigh= early night tonight hehe, Dilven expresses interest in why i havent updated in a while, I'm LOVED!!!!!!! Hehe, And, yeah, I'm bored now...Well i should go

Kazzeh xxx

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[31 Dec 2004|12:44am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Yesterday i met this guy from doncaster and i wish i hadnt, he was so patronising, and he called me names and tried to buy '' i'll get you one with my 85 quidsworth of pocket change '' and he even started abusing the woman at the forbidden planet counter. And he called me a...a...a...Prat!!
So, He's H-o-r-r-i-b-l-e.
I got Devil May Cry and 2 + 3 + 4 of Gravitation too <3
Beth keeps trying to send me pics..and its not happening lol, I'm bored...
Bo Selecta ^___^ I have spongebob squarepants for my ps2 ^___^ yaaay
im gonna go, just wanted to update about the other day,

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Mans Dream Will Be Reality [26 Dec 2004|02:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Thats the subject because i just said it <3 lol.
Have any of you wondered what i look like?? ^___^ =puts pic on= Its new...i'll get bored =P lol

Its not great ...but i like its style :P lol
Well im gonna go now... <3 =huggles people who read this damn thing=
Kaz <3

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Christmas ^___________________^ [25 Dec 2004|09:20am]
[ mood | impressed ]

Got Me A Digicam <3.=Tries Out Pics=<3
Feel The Love As Dilven Would Say <3

So hows everyones christmas been thus far then? I'm gonna go and upload more stuff <3
Merry Christmas!!!And A Happy New Year
P.s Thanks For All The Kickass Presents From My Loving Friends <3 Your All Great =I have Chobits Teddies And A Soundtrack= =Giggles=
Kaz <3

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Booo - Yah [17 Dec 2004|11:25pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Today i blocked and deleted jono from my msn <3 damn im good, he was bein all like ''God kaz, you always want attention, well this time im not going to give it to you!''So i said '' I dont, And least of all i dont want it from you '' BLOCK, DELETE. Little Emotastic Scene kid!! '' I'm Gonna Drink Bleach Because I'm Depressed, My Girlfriend Got Grounded...'' What a loser...
Anyway, Beth helped me (Did My Layout For Me) Today <333 =Loves=. Shelley didn't come to school =( =Sadded= I hope she feels o.k. My grandad is quite ill, i had chips...the end...
Beth is trying to get me into the hardcore scene...and its working <3 lol. Shelley Got me a Korn t-shirt For my christmas prezzie <3 and...wait for it..........CHOBITS PINS!!! I died when i saw them!! But...i got revived... =P My eyes burn from the glare of the monitor...=crashes and burns= My sister said to me ''Oh kaz, come over and we can have a glass of wine and watch a movie'' So i said '' yeah sure '' And i went round..and she went out...I was so sad.
I hoped this helped with an insight into ''The World Of Chi'' Please visit again and watch your head on the way out
Kaz <3

(21 «bites learnt)

GUYS!!! XD Guys With Cams...Losers [12 Dec 2004|11:26am]
[ mood | weird ]

Last nite me and megan went out to ilko for abit of shopping...then she came to my sisters and we talked and had a few drinks...then she went home...When she got home she went on her pc...and there was this guy, and i suppose you can i added him to my contacts...and he was so....old...and.....SCARY i guess...but me and megan had fun...and i laughed alot... ^_^
I had to sit on my sisters children last night (babysitting lol) And it was ok...the kids were fine.. ^_^ (for a change) =sleeps= .... =gets bored= I think im gonna go...Oh...and i saw this guy in safeway...called marek <3 And i wanna marry him....His name is so COOL!!! Well im gonna go before i get an urge to put quiz results on...
Bye =meowness=

(bites learnt)

EEp [11 Dec 2004|02:09pm]
[ mood | =dies= ]

I have to stop taking quizzes...really...but i cant help putting my results on here =( lol ::

You are MIYU from "Vampire Princess

ANIME QUIZ - Which Anime Vampire Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Last time They didnt work =(, The quizzes , I have a sore throat =(, and ive been at my mamas...Now im babysitting...=( i hurt...and iunno why =( =misses friends= I wish i could fly..then i wouldnt have to work..cuz people would pay to see me do the impossible...thats what it feels like im doing now...the impossible, but i dont know why...=sigh= Oh well...More Quizzes to come your way ( unlucky =P )

You are shy!!

How Social are you ::Anime Piccles::
brought to you by Quizilla

You&apos;re a Romantic Kisser...
You're a romantic're in love and so is
your lover! You just can't get your eyes from
each other!

What anime kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Comforting is caring...
You are the comforting friend. You like listening
your friends deals and advicing them...that's
really nice! You are caring and is always there
for the ones you like!

What kind of friend are you?(anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla
^^ This makes me feel good...because i know thats what im like...I just wish i could trouble my friends with my problems

you belong in bayblade

!!!!!!!!!WHAT ANIME R U FROM!!!!!!!!!!
brought to you by Quizilla

Thats enough....I'm sorry...i cant help putting them on...i get bored..when i have nothing to write...=begins to sob= Oh well...Its only me...and if ANYONE needs any help...think of me as your own personal Agony Aunt...=| _ |=

Bye... >_>

(8 «bites learnt)

Everything and Anything [08 Dec 2004|08:06pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Gah, year 8s are all gay,one ... little skater boy (which i dont usually mind,skaters i mean) poured Pepsi alllll over wasnt that much... but he still did it...arr...and...yeah....

Quiz Results!!!! Taro Taro Taro Taro!!!!!!!

src="" border="0" alt="taro3">
Taro loves you and you love him! It can't get any
simpler than that! But what's with this Halie
girl? And are you just going to forget the
other guys?

Would a Demon, Fallen, or Vampire love you? Part 9 (For Girls)NEW PICS!
brought to you by Quizilla

I'll do more....but not now..i have to take the rest of the quizes (as there are about 50) and i only put the results on that i like , so im goin <3 bye ^_^

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