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Cute stationery, stickers, school supplies

Official stickers of Angelic Pretty, Hangry & Angry, Putumayo, as well as Alice in Wonderland from Gothic&Lolita Bible.

Gothic & Lolita Bible Sticker Set $6.00
Included are Angelic Pretty, Hangry & Angry, Alice in Wonderland illustrations and a few Putumayo. Selling as a set only.

Cute Pencils and school supplies on the cheap!

Chococat Mechanical Pencil - $3.75
The double sided Chococat purple stamp (pictured right) is free with purchase!

Usahana Mechanical Pencil w/ charm - $3.50

Baby Girl Friends Mechanical Pencil - $3.95

Hello Kitty Umbrella Mechanical Pencil - $2.00
There are a few tiny scratches in the paint on this pencil.

Top --> Bottom
Bunny & Friends metal tin pencil case - $4.00

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