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♥ S H O P I N F O

CONTACT:   cherrymilkshop ( at ) gmail.com

• Prices and Payment are in U.S. dollars. Shipping is not included in prices.

Accepted forms of payment:
• PayPal - cherrymilkshop ( at ) gmail.com
All payments accepted. Verified member of 10 years.
• US Money Orders
Well Concealed US Cash (At your own risk - no coins)
Checks are not accepted, sorry. However, PayPal E-Checks are okay.

Will ship worldwide.
• Items are located in the United States.
• Shipping costs & details can be found at the bottom of each post.

Please Read! </b></font>
! Please, NO cancels on orders.
If you think you may not have enough funds, or may change your mind,
then please do not place the order. I cannot stress this enough.
• Please remember to follow up on an item if you were interested in it, either with a simple yes or no. It's appreciated. :)
• If after 5 days it seems the buyer has disappeared, the item will be put back on sale, and I may or may not deal with the buyer again.

• All sales are final.
Items are honestly detailed and carefully packaged for shipment to prevent damage beyond my control.

• I will hold items for 5 days. However, I reserve the right to not hold items for certain specified sales.
For holds that need more than 5 days, I require a non-refundable deposit on the item, approximately 30-50% of the item price.
• Frequent, trusted buyers receive a longer hold time on items.

REGARDING TRADES: Items are FOR SALE only, sorry.
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